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 February 2, 2024

Melania sitting out on Trump campaign to protect Barron Trump from his father's legal troubles

Political analyst Grant Reeher believes former President Donald Trump's wife is sitting out the campaign to shield son Barron Trump from his father's legal troubles, The Mirror reported. The former president insists Melania Trump will "play a big role" in the campaign.

Recently, rumors have swirled that the couple's relationship may be on the rocks. Donald and Melania Trump just celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary, but neither publicly acknowledged it.

Melania Trump was also conspicuously absent following Trump's triumph in the first two presidential primaries. After winning in both Iowa and New Hampshire, which all but guarantee he will become the nominee, Melania Trump did not appear at his victory celebrations.

Others have noticed that during the funeral services for Melania Trump's mother, the pair kept a physical distance. They also each got into separate vehicles to leave after the event was over.

Some on social media pointed out that they had "Separate cars," while others chimed in that they also may have "Separate lives." Still, Reeher, who is a political science professor at Syracuse University, believes it's much simpler than that.

"The family was very involved in the past two campaigns for president, so I'd think they would be involved again. From a distance, it seems that Melania became less enthusiastic about this role as the controversies and the scandals mounted, so I don't know how involved she'll want to be this time around," Rheer told The Mirror.

"And she may be keen to guard Barron from becoming too exposed. Once you draw on your family, they become fair game for the media and opposition research," he added.

"His other adult children and in-laws were very keen to be involved in both his campaigns and his White House administration, and I see no reason why they wouldn't want to do that again," Rheer continued. Barron, 17, is the only Trump child who is still a minor, which would explain Melania Trump's efforts to shield him.

Donald Trump is facing a slew of state and federal charges as the left attempts to knock him out of the political race. He is at the center of two federal trials, a lawsuit in New York, and a racketeering case over alleged election interference in Georgia, and Melania Trump likely doesn't want Barron involved.

Moreover, Melania Trump has been notoriously private about her life and relationships since her husband was elected. "Melania's friends are her family members," an anonymous Palm Beach source told People in March.

"Many Mar-a-Lago Club members and others know and see Melania. But they aren't friends. They don't get together and gab or socialize," the source said. "She has always surrounded herself with family. She is a doting mother to Barron and very protective of him. This is nothing new."

The former president insists that Melania Trump will have a significant spot in his campaign as election season ramps up. "She's gonna play, and she always did play a big role," Trump said.

"She was somebody that you could rely on. She's very smart, a very compassionate person...she wants to make America Great again, too."

By all accounts, Melania is a doting mother who is very protective of her son. While her husband certainly needs her on the campaign trail, she will likely choose whichever path is best for Barron.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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