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 September 26, 2023

Martha Raddatz admits poll showing Trump beating Biden is a 'tough one to spin'

It took quite some time, but even the diehard, anti-Trump liberal media -- which makes up most of the industry -- is now forced to admit that former President Donald Trump has a much better chance of winning the general election next year than previously imagined.

According to Breitbart, anti-Trump reporters around the media world were shocked to report that a recent ABC/Washington Post poll showed Trump besting President Joe Biden by 10 points in a hypothetical matchup next year.

The survey was so eye-opening that even the Washington Post, one of the poll's sponsors, disavowed it immediately, describing it instead as an "outlier" in one of the more hilarious denials of reality from the dying rag.

On Sunday, ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz said that the poll was "a tough one to spin."

"Whatever caveats, whether that is an outlier, that’s a tough one to spin," Raddatz said.

Despite her warning, former DNC chair Donna Brazile gave her best attempt to spin the poll to some degree, suggesting that Democrats shouldn't panic.

"It’s a tough one to spin, Martha. But I don’t believe Democrats should be sitting in a panic room," Brazile said. "I think they should be out there in the streets like they have been all year long after all Democrats have won in places like New Hampshire, a district that Donald Trump carried."

Brazile continued, "This Democrat won by six points, and Democrats won down in Jacksonville, Florida. Democrats have won in Wisconsin. Democrats also with the ballot in Ohio, so don’t go into the panic room just yet. Get out there make your case to the American people. The American people are angry."

Not surprisingly, she failed to identify why the "American people are angry," not mentioning the the real reason why people can't pay their electric bills or afford groceries, which is due to "Bidennomics."

"They’re angry because of electric bills. Their gas bill has come due. The electric bill has come due, their rent’s due, and it don’t they don’t feel it in their pockets. Get back to the kitchen table and start talking to the American people," she continued.

As Brazile well knows but probably isn't allowed to say, Democrats aren't able to approach American citizens on kitchen table issues because they're the very politicians who supported Biden's extremely poor policy decisions and bills that led to the downfall of the booming economy left by President Trump.

Taking one last shot at spinning the dire situation for the Democratic Party, Brazile added, "There’s more than enough time to turn all of this bad weather around and go out there and make your case to the American people."

Yeah, let us know how that goes, Donna.

Democrats and their media allies are finally facing reality, to some degree, and there's absolutely nothing they can do at this point to convince Americans that they're the party to lead us for the next four years. It's been an utter disaster, and it'll take a strong Republican president like Trump to begin to reverse the damage.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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