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 April 1, 2023

Legal experts admit that an indictment or even prison can disbar Trump from White House run

For years, the liberal mainstream media establishment has hyped its viewers to the point where many truly believed that once former President Donald Trump was indicted that he wouldn't be able to run for another term in the White House. 

Boy, were they wrong. In a recent report, the Hill was forced to admit that even with a criminal indictment, legal scholars say the former president has no legal barriers to running for the White House.

According to the University of Virginia’s School of Law professor Saikrishna Prakash, the Constitution doesn't contain any disqualification for candidates running for president who faces indictment, or who are even sitting in jail.

Professor Prakash's insight must be extremely disappointing for many Trump Derangement Syndrome-stricken individuals on the left who have only listened to CNN and MSNBC hype for the past several years.

"There is no disqualification that says that if you are indicted, you can’t run in the Constitution."

The legal professor added, "There’s not even a disqualification that says that if you’re in jail, you can’t run. And so the Constitution itself has limited qualifications and doesn’t say that you can’t serve if you’re indicted or in jail."

However, the situation raises new questions about what could happen if Trump is somehow convicted as a result of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's political witch hunt. To call such a situation uncharted waters would be a massive understatement.

Susan Low Bloch, a constitutional law professor at Georgetown Law School weighed in, echoing that sentiment.

"The easy answer is we have no idea. We don’t know because it’s never happened," she said. Bloch described what she sees happening should such a situation arise where Trump wins in 2024.

"One is that the indictment and thereafter a trial goes forward, even though he’s now president, or the indictment gets sort of suspended."

Bloch added: "My position is that the president is unique in our system, he or she is one person, and that the criminal system should be able to wait while the president carries out his or her duties and that it’s basically bad for the country to have a president tied up in a criminal trial."

In other words, one can have zero doubts that if such a wonky situation arises -- and anything's possible these days -- Democrats will undoubtedly attempt to make the rules.

Trump faces an astonishing 34 counts in this week's grand jury indictment, but the case seems to continue to backfire in Bragg's face, as the president remains confident that the only thing that will come of it is higher poll numbers.

So for the anti-Trumpers, even in the unlikely event Trump is being perp-walked in an orange jumpsuit, nothing can stop him from being the president once again.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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