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 October 8, 2023

Leftist outlet raises concern about Biden's dismal polling

MSNBC, last week, raised concern about the fact that the polls are looking really bad for President Joe Biden as the country moves closer and closer to the 2024 presidential election. 

The outlet did so, according to Fox News, during a recent broadcast of Morning Joe. 

The show's co-host - Joe Scarborough - went so far as to call recent poll results "unbelievable," noting that Republicans are "absolutely bashing" Democrats on many of the key issues.

Scarborough then went on to back his statement up by looking, specifically, at some recent poll results. Scarborough looked at this recent poll from Gallup, while MSNBC analyst Jonathan Lemire covered this one from Marquette University.

Lemire, in particular, highlighted the fact that the Marquette poll shows that former President Donald Trump is dominating Biden on economic issues.

The poll, for example, found that Trump is leading Biden by as many as 24 percentage points with regard to his ability to handle inflation and, more generally, the U.S. economy. Trump also had a 19 percentage point lead over Biden with regard to job creation.

Lemire pointed out the fact that these are "huge, huge numbers." And, he said that these polls ought to be "big warning signs" for Biden and the Democrats.

The MSNBC hosts, however, did not stop there.

Scarborough went on to raise doubts about whether Biden and his allies could change these poll results - and thus the minds of Americans - with his current messaging, including his so-called "Bidenomics."

"It’s not working," Scarborough said, adding, "You can’t convince people the economy’s going great when they don’t feel like the economy’s going great, even though our economy is going a hell of a lot better than any other country's."

It sounds as though Scarborough is just going in circles here. But, this is literally what Biden and his allies are trying to do, namely, convince Americans that the economy has been a success under his administration even though, in reality, Americans can see every day, with their own eyes, that it has not been.

It is also worth pointing out, here, that the MSNBC hosts were really only talking about policy.

The polls also show that many Americans are concerned about such things as Biden's age and his ability to perform presidential duties.

At the moment, things really are looking dire for Biden and the Democrats. The surprising part, though, is that MSNBC, of all outlets, is admitting it. Something is up.

Written By:
Oliver Winters

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