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 August 27, 2023

Leader of Black Voices for Trump, Harrison Floyd, denied bail by Georgia judge overseeing Trump racketeering case

Harrison Floyd, the Leader of Black Voices for Trump, was denied bail by Judge Emily Richardson after she deemed him a flight risk.

After Floyd turned himself in on Thursday morning as one of the 19 defendants in the indictment against former President Donald Trump, Judge Richardson denied his bail as well as refused to grant him a public defender.

Floyd cannot afford legal counsel which can cost anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000.

Floyd stated, "I can’t put my family in that kind of debt." However, Judge Richardson didn't seem to be worried about Floyd's situation and has seemingly thrown the book at him.

Campaign of intimidation

Floyd, like many of Trump's allies, was targeted in this indictment in order to intimidate anyone who works with the former President.

Richardson claims that Floyd is at risk of committing "additional felonies and a potential risk to flee the jurisdiction."

Yet none of the other 18 defendants were denied bail and to add further intrigue, Floyd is one of two African-Americans who are being charged in this indictment.

Floyd is being charged with influencing witnesses, conspiracy to commit solicitation of false statements and writings and violating the Georgia RICO Act.

Whether those charges hold up remain to be seen, but it seems unlikely that they have a chance considering what we already know about District Attorney Fani Willis's actions in putting this indictment together.

Witch hunt

In response to Willis's blatant politicization of her office, Georgia Republicans have created the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission which many suspect will be used to remove Willis.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued a statement saying, "I am not going to stand idly by as rogue or incompetent prosecutors refuse to uphold the law."

Willis is definitely one of those prosecutors who is ignoring the law. She has even gone so far as to fundraise for her reelection campaign off of her promises to indict Donald Trump, regardless of whether he broke the law or not.

Willis's office also released the indictment against Trump before the grand jury had even made a decision, which violates Trump's constitutional rights.

Willis is a political actor who is in the middle of waging a witch hunt against Trump and his allies. Not only does she need to be removed, but measures need to be taken to ensure this never happens again.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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