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 January 29, 2024

Late-night talk show legend Jay Leno files for conservatorship for wife suffering from dementia

Jay Leno, the late-night talk show legend who has also hosted Fox's You Bet Your Life, has filed for a conservatorship for the estate of his wife, Mavis Leno. 

"Jay Leno filed for a conservatorship of his wife’s estate on Friday at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles," NBC News reports.

For those unfamiliar with conservatorships, Today reports:

A conservatorship is a legal arrangement in which one or multiple guardians are appointed to make important decisions — often financial or health-related — for someone who is considered unable to make those decisions for themselves.

These individuals, the outlet explains, are usually unable to make these decisions because they are "suffering from a mental, psychological, [or] emotional disability that prevents them from making those types of decisions and will suffer harm because of their inability to make those decisions."

NBC reports that the 77-year-old Mavis Leno - Jay Leno's wife of 43 years - has dementia.

The outlet quotes the conservatorship petition as stating, "Unfortunately, Mavis has been progressively losing capacity and orientation to space and time for several years."

The petition goes on to state, "As Mavis’s current condition renders her incapable of executing the estate plan, Jay has petitioned the Court to be appointed conservator of Mavis’s estate for the sole purpose of filing a petition for substituted judgment on her behalf in order to ensure her desires concerning the disposition of her assets upon her death are realized."

CBS News provides more details.

The outlet reports, "The court documents said that Leno "has always handled the couple's finances throughout' their marriage, and he seeks to create a trust for their joint estate that would 'ensure Mavis has managed assets sufficient to provide for her care' should he die before her."

The outlet adds, "Leno's estate plan will also provide for Mavis's brother, who is 'her sole living heir aside from Jay.'"

The conservatorship petition also contains a doctor's report on Mavis Leno's current condition.

"It is my professional opinion that, due to her condition, Mavis is unable to meaningfully participate in the hearing on the Petition to Appoint a Probate Conservator nor would she understand the nature, force, or effect of the hearing should she attend," the doctor wrote.

The doctor also, according to CBS, checked the box that states "lacks the capacity to give informed consent to any form of medical treatment."

Jay Leno has not publicly commented on the situation. A hearing on the conservatorship petition is currently scheduled to take place on April 9, 2024.

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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