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 November 5, 2022

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel admits turning show into partisan platform cost him half his audience

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel admitted that turning his show into a platform for bashing former President Donald Trump likely cost him half of his audience, Breitbart reported. The comedian's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show on ABC is currently trailing behind two Fox News programs in the ratings.

Kimmel said his bosses were advising him to tone it down as he alienated millions of viewers. "There was at one time, maybe, I don't know, right around the beginning of this whole Trump thing where … that was kind of hinted at," Kimmel told "Naked Lunch" co-hosts Phil Rosenthal and David Wildan during an interview on the podcast.

"But I just said, 'Listen, I get it. I don't disagree. I mean, you're right,'" Kimmel conceded.

However, Kimmel fell victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome and couldn't help himself. "I have lost half of my fans — maybe more than that," Kimmel admitted.

"Ten years ago, among Republicans, I was the most popular talk show host, at least according to the research that they did," he claimed. Kimmel's crusade against Trump has had an impact on his business's bottom line, and the network took notice.

Kimmel said ABC brass approached him, suggesting he scale back his attacks against Trump. "I just said, if that's what you want to do, I understand, and I don't begrudge you for it, but I'm not going to do that," Kimmel recalled.

"So if you want somebody else to host the show, then that's fine," Kimmel continued. "That's OK with me. I'm just not going to do it like that."

"They knew I was serious," Kimmel added. "I just, I couldn't live with myself."

While this explicit admission is quite telling, this is not the first time Kimmel has been flippant about losing viewers. In 2018, he told the Daily Beast that he wouldn't consider "appealing" to Trump supporters and bid them "not good riddance, but riddance" a time before.

Consequently, Kimmel is now pulling numbers that keep him firmly behind "Gutfeld!" and "Fox News @ Night" in the ratings. Even while acknowledging the grave consequences of going full woke, Kimmel doubled down on toeing the Democratic Party line about President Joe Biden.

"Joe Biden — look, whatever you think about him… he's a decent human being," Kimmel said of the president known for his angry outbursts. "He's a nice old man who quite plainly cared about people through his whole life," he added. "He's certainly not evil. If you believe that, you've got some real problems."

Kimmel threw away his success because of how much he hated Trump. This should serve as a cautionary tale to others.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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