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 February 26, 2024

Koch funding ending for Nikki Haley after South Carolina loss to Donald Trump

Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action), the political arm of the influential network led by billionaire Charles Koch, has decided to halt its financial support for Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley's campaign.

This decision comes on the heels of Haley's defeat by former President Donald Trump in her home-state primary in South Carolina.

The announcement

AFP Action's CEO, Emily Seidel, communicated the organization's stance in an email to staff, as initially reported by Politico.

Seidel emphasized that while AFP Action still endorses Haley for president, it believes that external funding may not significantly alter her path to victory in the upcoming primary states. The organization will shift its focus away from financial contributions and instead provide vocal support.

The move by AFP Action to suspend financial backing marks another setback for Haley, who has faced a series of challenges since the beginning of the election year.

Haley's moving forward anyway

In addition to AFP Action, billionaire Reid Hoffman has also ceased funding Haley's presidential bid. Despite these setbacks, Haley remains steadfast in her commitment to continue her campaign through Super Tuesday on March 5.

Her team reiterated that AFP Action's withdrawal of funding has not altered their strategy, as they have sufficient resources to sustain their efforts.

In response to AFP Action's decision, Haley's campaign expressed gratitude for the organization's support thus far and affirmed its determination to press on.

With grassroots conservatives rallying behind her, the campaign reported receiving over $1 million in donations within the past 24 hours alone. Haley's team emphasized their ongoing commitment to advancing conservative principles and pledged to persevere in their quest to "save the country."

AFP's next steps

While AFP Action redirects its resources away from Haley's presidential bid, it intends to allocate funds to support Republican candidates running for congressional seats.

The organization has endorsed candidates for both Senate and House races, aiming to bolster conservative representation at the federal level. Seidel emphasized the importance of assessing their strategic positioning amidst the evolving political landscape, particularly with the South Carolina primary concluded and increased engagement in Senate campaigns.

AFP Action's decision underscores the complex dynamics within the Republican Party and the shifting priorities of influential conservative organizations. As Haley navigates the challenges of her presidential campaign, the withdrawal of financial support from prominent backers highlights the competitive nature of the political arena and the strategic considerations at play.

As the presidential primary season progresses, the evolving dynamics within the Republican Party and the broader conservative movement will continue to shape the trajectory of Haley's campaign and the overall landscape of the 2024 presidential race.

Written By:
Dillon Burroughs

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