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 June 23, 2023

Kevin McCarthy sends Biden impeachment vote back to committee

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sent a motion to impeach President Biden brought by Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) back to committee on Thursday.

The move was essentially McCarthy and Republican House leadership punting the ball on impeaching President Biden. Despite having the votes and evidence of Biden's wrongs, McCarthy doesn't have the stomach to impeach the President.

Boebert filed a privileged resolution, which calls for an immediate vote on impeachment, on Tuesday and it seemed to catch Republicans off guard.

Boebert's motion and McCarthy's response illustrates what makes the Republican Party so weak. Republicans aren't willing to fight like Democrats, or worse, McCarthy has no intention of holding Biden accountable.

Traitors in the party

Instead of impeaching President Biden, Boebert's motion has been sidelined and sent to the House Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees.

As for the grounds of impeachment, Boebert stated, "Biden's lawless disregard for our federal laws has incentivized more than 5.5 illegal aliens to attempt to cross the border, overwhelming Border Patrol and allowing an invasion to take place that is causing real harm to the American people. The Biden border crisis and massive wave of illegal immigration has fueled a record breaking fentanyl crisis since President Biden has taken office."

President Biden's border policy is just one of many unspeakable disasters that has led to hardship and death for Americans and immigrants alike.

Considering where Democrats set the bar with their multiple impeachments of Donald Trump, there is no question that impeaching Biden over the border crisis is legitimate.

Ironically, Democrats accused Republicans of weaponizing the impeachment process with Representative Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) saying the impeachment motion "should disturb every patriotic American."

Democrats are willing to bend the rules and use power and Republicans aren't. McCarthy has proven to be every bit as spineless as many conservatives feared he would be.

Nothing will change

At this point, conservatives need to be more concerned with throwing bad Republicans out of power then with taking Democrats down.

McCarthy should never have been elected to serve as House Speaker. He caved in to Joe Biden's demands for a debt ceiling deal and he is protecting Biden from rightfully being impeached.

Until the RINO's like Kevin McCarthy are thrown out of power, the Republican Party will be useless.

This should also be a moment of reflection for former President Donald Trump, who was instrumental in getting Republicans in line to vote for McCarthy's speaker ship.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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