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 June 24, 2023

Journalists take Karine Jean-Pierre to task, some call for her removal

In a heated White House press briefing on Friday, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself facing a barrage of questions from reporters regarding recent allegations involving Hunter Biden.

As scrutiny mounts over President Joe Biden's knowledge of his son's business dealings, Jean-Pierre's evasive responses have drawn criticism from journalists, prompting calls for her removal by journalists, such as The Daily Wire's Joseph Curl.

The briefing centered on revelations from IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, who claimed that Hunter Biden had threatened a Chinese business associate, Henry Zhao, by invoking his father's presence.

Seeking clarity on the president's previous assertions of ignorance regarding his son's business activities, Newsmax's James Rosen and The New York Times' Peter Baker pressed Jean-Pierre for answers.

However, instead of addressing the concerns directly, Jean-Pierre attempted to divert attention by deferring to White House National Security Council member John Kirby.

Unrelenting, Rosen and Baker persisted in their line of questioning, demanding clarification on the potential coercion in Hunter Biden's dealings and the president's involvement.

Expressing frustration, Baker challenged Jean-Pierre, highlighting the reasonable nature of the query given the potential implications of the message:

"It’s not an unreasonable question to ask when the president of the United States was involved, as this message seems to suggest, in some sort of coercive conversation for business dealings by his son. Is that something? If he wasn’t, maybe you should tell us."

Jean-Pierre's response further exacerbated tensions, as she referred reporters back to the Department of Justice and Kirby, failing to provide a clear response herself.

The reporters rallied together, with The New York Post's Steven Nelson demanding a direct answer, which Jean-Pierre claimed she had already provided. Disputing her assertion, Nelson pressed Jean-Pierre on whether the president was involved in the alleged shakedown attempt, receiving only a noncommittal response.

As the briefing continued, Rosen and CBS News' Weijia Jiang persistently sought clarity on whether President Biden had knowledge of Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings, only to be met with repeated deflection by Jean-Pierre.

NBC News' Monica Alba also joined in, inquiring whether Jean-Pierre had discussed the matter with the president. The press secretary shut down the conversation, stating that she had not engaged in such discussions and referred reporters once again to the White House counsel.

The contentious briefing has led to growing dissatisfaction among journalists, who argue that Jean-Pierre's evasive tactics prevent the White House from being held accountable by the media.

Many critics are now calling for her dismissal, asserting that her inability to provide straightforward answers undermines the transparency and credibility of the administration.

The controversy surrounding Hunter Biden's alleged business dealings and President Biden's knowledge of them continues to raise questions.

With mounting pressure on the White House to address these concerns, the role of the press secretary in providing accurate and transparent information remains crucial. The outcome of this ongoing debate may significantly impact the public's perception of the Biden administration's commitment to accountability and integrity.

Written By:
Charlotte Tyler

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