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 October 30, 2022

John Kerry considering exit from White House to avoid impeachment investigation

Polls are a helpful predictor when it comes to elections. However, seeing who is jumping ship before the ballots are counted is the best indication of what's to come.

Sources believe that White House climate envoy John Kerry is mulling an exit rather than face Republican lawmakers following the midterm elections, the Daily Caller reported. The former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate could be forced to answer tough questions should Republicans retake the House of Representatives or Senate.

Kerry reportedly doesn't want to be held accountable for his green agenda, according to Axios. If Republicans have a majority, the former senator could find himself in the hot seat in front of his former colleagues.

There's also a sense from Kerry that he's fed up with the lack of progress on the environment despite his stumping for it. Politicians and voters are unwilling to fork over the kind of cash he believes necessary to address the problem.

"Those of us trying to create the new clean-energy economy are handicapped by the absence of concessionary funding," Kerry said last week. "If we had tens of billions of dollars, we could leverage this transition very quickly and get people to make smarter choices."

Moreover, the climate envoy's hypocrisy could be under renewed scrutiny with his jet-setting lifestyle and multiple homes as he leads President Joe Biden's net-zero emissions initiative. Kerry is expected to leave following the United Nations Climate Change Conference in November.

However, the Kerry camp insists that rumors of his exit are simply not true. "I can’t stress enough: Secretary Kerry has no plans to depart, and his sole focus is COP27, period, and anything else is baseless speculation," a spokesperson for Kerry said.

Part of what's fueling the speculation is Kerry's desire to increase his personal net wealth. While he enjoys his wife's inherited fortune, the 78-year-old is eager to earn more of his own after he gave up his $5 million annual salary to join the Biden administration.

If Kerry leaves, Biden will be forced to put his next person for the job through the senate confirmation process. Previously, Kerry was able to be appointed without prior approval.

Congress now requires presidential envoys to go through the process after the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act was passed. This means the next person for the job would have to face Biden's political opponents, something a partisan like Kerry likely couldn't withstand.

Kerry's possible exit comes as Democrats are increasingly becoming worried that a red wave is coming, Fox News reported. Key races for the House of Representatives that should have been a lock for Democrats now appear to be moving to the right, and there's even a chance that the Senate could similarly shift to a GOP majority.

It's possible Kerry's departure is just a rumor, or he's decided to put himself out to pasture. However, his desire to leave seems like no coincidence considering what's coming on Election Day.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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