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 May 20, 2023

John Fetterman's office accused of altering quotes to make him sound more coherent

Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman (D), who had a rocky start to his new career in the Senate, now finds his staff under heavy scrutiny for some clever and convenient editing they've done of their boss's words. 

According to Fox News, Fetterman's office has been exposed for reportedly doctoring quotes Fetterman previously made to make them sound more coherent.

Fetterman, who suffered a stroke during his 2022 campaign, has serious speech and processing issues that many claim disqualify him from holding such a critically important elected position.

His speech is often incoherent, with mumbling and trailing thoughts a constant reminder that he appears to need intense speech and auditory therapy before being at the helm of making national security-related decisions for America.

Fox News noted:

The issue exploded on Wednesday when Jeff Stein, a Washington Post economics reporter, admitted to amplifying a misquote Fetterman's office provided to him, which had significantly altered Fetterman's actual statements.


Fetterman has given a number of speeches recently in which his words and statements were difficult to understand, to be as kind as possible. One of the most recent, which involved his questioning of an SVB banker, was especially astounding.

"The Republicans want to give a work requirement for SNAP," Fetterman said.

"You know, for a uh, uh, uh, a hungry family has to have these, this kind of penalties, or these some kinds of word — working uh, require — Shouldn’t you have a working requirement, after we sail your bank, billions of your bank? Because you seem we were preoccupied, uh when, then SNAP requirements for works, for hungry people, but not about protecting the tax, the tax papers, you know, that will bail them out of whatever does about a bank to crash it."

Silicon Valley Bank ex-CEO Greg Becker was speechless after Fetterman finally finished, and understandably so.

Videos of Fetterman's mangled speeches and statements have gone viral across social media, with many asking how in the world a doctor could have cleared him to continue to perform the duties of such a high office.

Earlier this year, Fetterman was absent from his Senate duties as he was checked in to an inpatient depression treatment program.

It's truly sad that his family, at the very least, would allow him to continue working in the Senate and perpetually embarrassing himself because of a medical condition.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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