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 September 21, 2023

John Cusack: Democratic elites have 'sold out the working class for decades'

Actor John Cusack just blasted Democratic Party elites, accusing them of selling out the working class and of being "full of s***."

Cusack said as much in a lengthy message that he posted to his Twitter account on Monday, Sept. 18, 2023.

Cusack is one of the most outspoken actors in Hollywood when it comes to politics. Although he speaks out against Democratic Party elites in his recent post, he is no Republican. In fact, he is very far from it.

Fox News reports that Cusack has been a frequent critic of former President Donald Trump, at one point, even comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler and to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Cusack, for example, once referred to Trump as a "mentally ill, virus-spreading, child-abducting Nazi rapist."

Cusack, on occasion, has also targeted supporters of Trump. But, on Monday, Cusack set his crosshairs on Democratic elites.

Cusack's rant came in response to a post from Jacobin. The leftist outlet claimed:

Sensing its popularity, Obama’s former Supreme Court lawyer and a Louisiana Democrat are using an obscure corporate taxation case to try to make a federal wealth tax illegal before it even exists.

This, apparently, was enough to set Cusack off.

He began:

This is what liberals/neoliberals have never understood - or taken responsibility for - that they have played a major part in creating the precise conditions for fascism to flourish - Obama corporatist democrats - are to the right of Richard Nixon on domestic policy - Don’t believe me - look it up.

Cusack went on to claim that this is just the latest proof that Democratic elites "have sold out the working class for decades."

"[A]nd, this kind of bought and paid-for betrayal of principals [sic], fairness – historical precedent - any sense of moral or intellectual honesty – The kind of brutal selfish horrific actions one only does – because they can get away with it," Cusack continued.

Cusack further argued that this kind of behavior from Democratic elites is what has made it possible for someone like Trump to get elected.

Cusack wrote:

All your Yale and Harvard buddies will tell you how great and smart you all are – and they are all in bed with all the same big, big money power players - And we run the world – right? – this kind of staggering amoral bulls***  is one of the main reasons (yes, there are others ) Trump’s demagoguery works on people.

"The Democratic elite ARE full of s***," Cusack wrote.

This is only a small part of Cusack's rant.

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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