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 April 29, 2023

Joe Rogan believes Tucker Carlson has massive opportunity to grow beyond Fox News following firing

Podcaster Joe Rogan believes former Fox News host Tucker Carlson should use his recent firing to build a career in internet media, the Daily Caller reported. Carlson was abruptly fired from his primetime "Tucker Carlson Tonight" show last week without explanation.

Viewers and news industry folks alike were left reeling by Fox's decision to cut Carlson Monday. There has been no official word from the network for the abrupt change despite stellar ratings.

Carlson's continued popularity is apparent as a tweet following his ouster received nearly 80 million views and outpaces any Fox News program. That fact gives credence to Rogan, who said the host is "designed for the internet."

Rogan made this remark while speaking to guest David Smith on "The Joe Rogan Experience" Thursday. "I hope he goes there," Smith, a libertarian standup comedian, agreed with Rogan.

"He’s going to, unless [Fox] paid him off," Rogan said. "If I was a person in a position of power and a wild card like Tucker Carlson got released from Fox News and maybe Rumble makes a deal with him or something like that, do you have any f---ing idea how big that would be?" Rogan said.

"It could make that app. It could make that platform," Rogan continued.

"I mean, if Tucker Carlson goes over there, it would be worth it for them to invest a considerable amount of money. But, if I was Fox News, that's the last thing I would want," Rogan added.

"So I would make sure we have him locked up for the entire term of some contract, some no-compete, and pay them off. You'd be better off just giving him the same amount of money he made when he was on the air than have him opposing you," Rogan said.

Smith went on to wonder aloud whether Carlson had a non-compete clause in his contract with Fox that would prevent him from turning up at another network. Rogan said Fox is "not stupid" and likely built it into Carlson's contract.

The move to fire Carlson is certainly strange, considering he was such a ratings powerhouse for the network. Over the years, he was consistently one of the top-rated hosts both at the network and in all of cable news, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In fact, Carlson's ratings in the week before his firing outpaced every other cable TV programming except the NBA playoffs. Carlson's five weeknight shows outpaced everything except the sporting event in viewership, including his worst-rated episode that would become his last.

Many people are worried that Fox has muzzled Carlson for the rest of his contract time, which could run through 2024, Newsweek reported. Kari Lake, the former Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate, has offered to set up a defense fund to get him out of it.

"I don't know what Tucker's deal is, but I worry that he might still be under contract and they're literally going to be paying him 10, 20, 30 million a year to just sit there and be quiet," Lake said. "We can't afford to have Tucker Carlson's voice silenced for 1 1/2 years."

It's uncertain what Carlson's future in media will be. However, he is a talented and popular host, and there's no doubt he is working behind the scenes to get back in front of the camera, even if it means the move that Rogan recommended.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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