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 March 25, 2023

Joe Biden's surgeon general admits pandemic origin investigation isn't complete

As the COVID-19 origin investigation and emerging data deepen, even one of President Joe Biden's own officials is calling on China to be more transparent. 

According to Breitbart, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy admitted during a recent interview on "The View" that the U.S. government and the World Health Organization (WHO) are "missing information" from investigations that took place previously regarding's China's role in the pandemic.

Murthy was questioned by co-host Sara Haines, who actually asked a reasonable question regarding his take on the pandemic origin story, noting that the topic is still being debated.

"There’s been an ongoing debate about the origin of COVID-19. Last month the Department of Energy said the virus most likely originated from a lab in China. Then last week, an international team of virus experts said they found genetic data linking the origin to raccoon dogs sold at a market in Wuhan, China. Some think the World Health Organization should be investigating for possible coverups. Do you agree? Will we ever truly know where this came from?" she asked.

He first hinted that the U.S. government was sorely lacking as far as proper data is concerned, raising immediate questions as to how a proper conclusion could have ever been reached in the first place.

“I’m glad you asked. It’s part of an effort to make sure something like this never happens again and that we are better prepared for a pandemic as well, we have to investigate and understand the origins of COVID-19. That’s part of the process. One of my big concerns is that right now, we don’t have all the data we need to make a definitive conclusion about the origin."

He added: "That’s why you see that even President Biden charged the intelligence community to be looking at this and prioritizing it. There were differences of opinion in the intelligence community."

Dr. Anthony Fauci and many others have long stood by the theory that COVID-19 emerged from nature, in China, while others believe firmly that it was the result of a situation -- possibly a leak -- from a Wuhan, China lab.

Murthy noted, "We are missing information. The WHO has tried to do investigations. They’ve been blocked in part by not getting enough information from China, which is where this originally started as far as we can tell."

The surgeon general stopped short of suggesting that any type of cover-up was involved.

"This is a big concern for me, because we have to continue to push for that transparency from China. Whether it’s China or any other country, when an illness starts in one part of the world, it can rapidly spread. We all have to commit as a global community to being transparent, open, and honest with each other," Murthy continued.

Yeah, good luck "pushing" China for transparency with President Joe Biden at the helm. That won't happen until we, hopefully, elect a strong Republican president in 2024.

Only time will tell if the world ever finds out exactly who, what, and why the COVID-19 pandemic was unleashed.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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