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 May 26, 2023

Joe Biden's popularity collapses to all-time low as debt ceiling negotiations stall

President Joe Biden's net favorability rating has collapsed to an all time low amid stalling negotiations over the debt ceiling according to a poll from none other than CNN.

The new poll found that only 35% of Americans view Biden favorably compared to December when 42% of Americans had favorable view of the President. The poll also found that a crushing 57% of Americans have an unfavorable view of the President.

President Biden is the least popular President in American history and things could get much worse if he refuses to budge on debt ceiling negotiations.

President Biden is refusing to cut any sort of spending and banking on Americans blaming Republicans for a possible default on the debt. However, President Biden is the one who will be blamed if negotiations fail and the United States is forced to default on its debt.

Biden in a corner

President Biden has been unpopular since he stepped into the Oval Office. His agenda has ground to a halt frustrating his supporters while more radical Democrats were never happy with Biden's arguably center-left platform.

Republicans have obviously never liked Biden and his numerous scandals and failures have lost him Independent voters by the thousand.

The fight over raising the debt ceiling has done Biden no favors but he has only himself to blame for that. The President has refused to cut spending despite many Americans wanting spending cuts with an increased debt ceiling.

An Economist/YouGov poll found that 33% of Americans are blaming Joe Biden for the debt ceiling impasse versus just 27% of Americans who blame Republicans.

Americans want sensible cuts to spending and the White House is refusing to negotiate as if they hold all the cards.

The reality is that Republicans have power and President Biden will have to cut a deal or risk a default on our debt that will cause massive damage. If a deal isn't done, it could easily cost Joe Biden his job when Americans go to the polls next year.

No time left

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Friday that the United States has until June 5th until the debt limit is reached meaning Joe Biden has almost no time left to get a deal done.

President Biden and the White House have spent the past few months doubling down on refusing to cut spending but that has changed in the past week. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has held strong and it's looking like the White House will buckle.

However, there is still a strong possibility that Joe Biden makes the wrong decision and refuses to agree to a deal which will be catastrophic economically.

There is a strong possibility that a default on our debt would kick off a global financial crisis and create immeasurable chaos. But perhaps crashing the system is what is necessary to usher in real reforms.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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