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By Mae Slater on
 April 21, 2024

Joe Biden's Pledges To Fulfill Failed Promises From First Term In Desperate Bid To Fend Trump Off

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden officially started his reelection campaign. His primary message, distinct from his predecessor Donald Trump, emphasizes continuity and stability. Biden's campaign slogan, "Let's finish this job," signals his intention to build on the alleged achievements of his first term.

With that announcement, Biden released a campaign video explicitly stating his commitment to completing the initiatives he started during his first term in office.

CNN reported that ultimately, his pitch still came down to not being Donald Trump, indicating that he has very few real accomplishments to campaign on.

Many of Biden's big promises to leftists were not delivered or were ineffectual. A great example of this is Biden's failed promises to give mass student debt forgiveness which was crushed by the Supreme Court because of the blatant abuse of power Biden employed.

By most metrics, Biden's term was a disaster and that is why you see Biden resorting to pitching himself as "not-Trump" to attract disillusioned Democrat voters.

Key Campaign Promises and Contrasts

Biden claimed that he was a champion of democracy, despite his DOJ abusing its power to persecute political opponents. Biden also promised to uphold abortion and international climate pledges, neither of which address true issues like the economy or the border crisis.

Further, the campaign has made clear commitments on other critical issues like abortion rights, aiming to enact federal laws to secure these rights unequivocally. This pledge comes amid growing concerns about the potential for significant legal shifts that could threaten these rights.

Biden also continues to emphasize the importance of maintaining international alliances and fulfilling the United States' commitments to climate change targets, which are seen as vital for global cooperation and environmental sustainability.

Biden's Governance Philosophy

Biden's message contrasts sharply with that of Donald Trump, particularly in terms of governance style and policy priorities. Biden criticizes Trump’s vision, which includes drastic changes in how the federal government operates and the use of executive power.

Biden’s governance model is built on the premise of stability and adherence to traditional democratic norms, which he argues are essential for the country's long-term prosperity and global standing.

Of course, Biden has already destroyed trust in America's public institutions and many voters want sweeping changes that Trump has promised.

Challenges and Congressional Dependencies

Biden has noted that achieving many of his ambitious goals will require congressional cooperation.

The campaign underscores the importance of a supportive Congress to realize Biden's vision for his second term. This aspect of governance stresses the interconnectedness of various branches of government and the need for a harmonious working relationship to achieve policy goals.

These challenges underscore the complexities of governing and the need for strategic legislative partnerships to advance major policy initiatives.

Conclusion: Summarizing Biden's Reelection Campaign

In conclusion, President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is founded on the principles of continuity, the protection of American democracy, and the fulfillment of international obligations. His campaign slogan "Let's finish this job" encapsulates his call for finishing the work started in his first term. Biden contrasts his policies with those of Donald Trump, focusing on stability, adherence to democratic norms, and legislative cooperation to achieve his ambitious goals.

Written By:
Mae Slater

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