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 February 22, 2023

Joe Biden's hand-written note reveals Ukraine captured his heart, all while Americans deal with devastating crises

President Joe Biden waxed poetic about his feelings for Ukraine during a recent visit while ignoring crises stateside, the Conservative Brief reported. In a hand-written note, Biden said the Ukrainian capital Kyiv "captured a part of my heart."

Biden made an unannounced visit to Kyiv Monday on the first anniversary of the war that began when Russia invaded Ukraine last February. The visit was a 5-hour whirlwind stop full of optics designed to allow Biden to shine.

The president took the occasion to throw more taxpayer dollars at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, including another $500 million for defense costs. This is in addition to the $100 billion pressed into Zelenskyy's hands since the same time last year.

Following his visit, Biden left a warm and glowing message for Zelenskyy in the Royal Palace guestbook. The president shared a photo of the note on his official social media, which caught immediate backlash.

"I am honored to be welcomed again in Kyiv," Biden's note said. "I stand in solidarity and friendship with the freedom-loving people of Ukraine," he added.

"Mr. President, please accept my deepest respect for your courage and leadership. Slava Ukraini!" which means, "Glory to Ukraine!"

Biden scrawled this in at a time when the people of East Palestine, Ohio, are grappling with the fallout from a chemical spill and fire that may have far-reaching and long-lasting effects. Other ongoing issues include record inflation and soaring food prices that are squeezing ordinary Americans.

"This is what you tweet on Presidents’ Day?! What about love for AMERICA?" former Trump attorney and conservative media contributor Jenna Ellis said.

"So the Ukraine has your heart. But not America," another user tweeted.

"Not East Palestine. Not the southern border. Not food cost twice as in 2020. Record debit. IMPEACH THE FOOL @GOP," the post pointed out.

"It’s also part of your wallet," Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier tweeted under Biden's post. However, problems with this visit extend beyond the costs.

Critics claim the timing of this visit has upstaged Russian President Vladimir Putin, a fact which does not bode well for foreign relations, CNN reported. The visit came on the eve of an address in which the Russian leader was supposed to tout the success of his "special military operation."

Moreover, Biden has provoked Putin by siding with Ukraine in the conflict, a problem that's especially worrisome considering that Russia is a nuclear power. Then there's the problem of an exit strategy, considering that the longer the war goes on without a discernable victory for Putin, the more risk there is for increasing violence.

Biden is playing a dangerous game with our adversaries overseas and is failing miserably at it. What's worse, Biden doles out stacks of taxpayer cash for the war in Ukraine while Americans are suffering under the weight of his terrible domestic policies at home -- all while he's writing love letters to Zelenskyy.
Written By:
Christine Favocci

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