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 February 21, 2023

Joe Biden's appointee to the U.S. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation has ties to Chinese Communist Party

Dominic Ng, President Joe Biden's appointee to the U.S. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, has troublesome ties to the Chinese Communist Party, the Daily Caller reported. Six Republican lawmakers are demanding answers about Ng's ties to two intelligence front organizations.

Ng is the current CEO of East West Bank. Last summer, Biden appointed him to chair APEC, an economic advisory forum comprised of 21 member countries in the Pacific Rim.

However, his high-profile appointment is troublesome, considering Ng's ties to organizations that serve as cover for intelligence gathering for the CCP. Ng had previously held an "executive-director level" position at the China Overseas Exchange Association, a CCP intelligence organization, between 2013 and 2017.

East West Bank described that position as "honorary," and Ng had withdrawn from it in 2014 for "non-participation" despite reports to the contrary. Ng also served as the "executive director" for China Overseas Friendship Association in 2019.

"This was an honorary position, and Mr. Ng never attended COEA meetings nor paid membership dues," Janie Beaman, spokesperson for East West Bank, said, The Hill reported. Beaman also claimed there was "no connection with COFA or ever agreed to serve as an executive director of COFA" and that Ng eventually withdrew his name from consideration at COEA.

“Baseless claims, discrimination, and conspiracy theories are fueling the sharp increase in anti-Asian violence in the United States, and recent conspiracy theories have inappropriately targeted Mr. Ng,” Beaman added for good measure. Still, association with the COEA and the COFA is problematic, considering both are known to be front groups for CCP intelligence.

This led House Republicans to petition the FBI and furnish a full report to Congress for possible violations of the Espionage Act. Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX), who led the effort, accused Biden of appointing "an individual with existing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ties" in a letter to FBI director Christopher Wray. 

Also signing on were Republican Reps. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Ben Cline of Virginia, Keith Self of Texas, Doug LaMalfa of California, and Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin. "The Biden Administration has allowed the CCP to infiltrate the third-party sector and, consequently, political leaders that have existing relationships to these groups and are privy to U.S. intelligence," the letter said.

"Further encroachments cannot be tolerated, and we request the FBI investigate and provide a report to Congress on the extent of Mr. Ng’s knowledge of sensitive information, as well as any potential violations of the Espionage Act." The lawmakers slammed Biden's "lack of scrutiny" in his pick with Ng.

The letter further said his role as chair could "expose Mr. Ng and potentially our nation’s secrets to numerous CCP officials and possible intelligence operatives," it added. Gooden doubled down on this reasoning in an interview with the Daily Caller, which first broke the story about the letter.

"An individual with ties to Chinese intelligence front groups should be disqualified from public office," Gooden said. "If he has any integrity, Mr. Ng would step down until an investigation has time to occur."

It seems Biden doesn't take America's adversarial relationship with China seriously. Perhaps this is because the president's son, Hunter Biden, has financial ties to the communist nation and may have been trading off his famous and influential last name for favorable deals in China, USA Today reported.

House Republicans recently announced a probe into the issue, especially because Biden might be "compromised" because of the business relationships there. "We want to make sure that our national security isn’t compromised because China is an adversary right now," Rep. James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said last month.

China is arguably the most significant threat against the U.S., and Joe Biden is doing little to stop them. Anyone with ties to the CCP can't be trusted in the highest echelons of government -- including Ng and the president.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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