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 December 29, 2023

Joe Biden vacationing at home belonging to founder of company that controls news distribution for major news companies

President Joe Biden is once again vacationing for New Years Eve which is no surprise considering he has spent over a year in total on vacation since becoming president.

However, for this particular break from the White House, Biden and his family will be staying in the home of a Democrat mega donor who happens to also be the founder of a company that controls news distribution for nearly every major news organization.

While the nation descends into chaos, Biden will spend a week at the beachfront home of Bill and Connie Neville in St. Croix.

The president is accompanied by First lady Jill Biden, his granddaughter Natalie, and possibly other members of his family but there is no solid information there.

Any Americans who doubt the connections that the Biden family have need to look no further. The Biden family is enjoying exclusive privileges from their super wealthy friends while many Americans wonder if they will make it through the next year.

Friends in high places

Joe Biden and the Neville's have been close for years and Biden has previously stayed in their home.

The Neville's were the lucky recipients of tickets to Biden's first state dinner as president, which featured a heavily curated list of about 300 individuals mostly made up of billionaires, cultural icons and politicians.

Ironically, Democrats seem to have little interest in the favors that the Biden family have gotten even as they demand official inquiries into Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for alleged improper favors.

The Neville's have backed Biden going back to his 2020 presidential campaign. Federal Election Commission documents show that the Neville's donated $10,000 to Biden’s 2020 campaign and PAC.

The Neville's are undeniably a member of America's "1%" and wield incredible power. The fact that Joe Biden is vacationing at their home shows who's really got the influence and the ability to control the White House.

Biden represents billionaires

Progressives claim that Joe Biden would be an agent of change in the White House and that sentiment couldn't have been further from the truth.

When you see the pictures of the Neville's St. Croix home, it becomes clear that Biden's serving billionaire interests and is reaping great rewards for his efforts. As for regular Americans, it's no matter to Biden and his administration.

Under Joe Biden, the wealthy have become wealthier while quality of life for the average American continues to nosedive.

Billionaires have thousands to give away to support Biden's political ambitions while regular Americans struggle to meet their basic needs. It is no wonder our government is broken and isn't serving the interests of the people.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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