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 April 18, 2023

Joe Biden uses horrible Alabama birthday party shooting to push for more gun control

President Joe Biden used a tragedy over the weekend to push for new gun control legislation, including a new ban on so-called assault weapons, Breitbart reported. A shooting in Alabama at a birthday party took the lives of four people Saturday, but Biden sprang into action before the dead were even buried.

A Sweet 16 party being held in Dadeville, Alabama, turned deadly when shots rang out at the event venue. The DJ who was working the gathering said it "sounded like an attack with multiple shooters."

Little was known immediately about the suspect or suspects and the weapons used, but that didn't stop the president from exploiting the situation. "This morning, our nation is once again grieving for at least four Americans tragically killed at a teen’s birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, as well as two others killed last night in a crowded public park in Louisville," Biden said Sunday in a statement.

The president was referring to last week's shooting at a Louisville, Kentucky, bank allegedly committed by an employee, CNN reported. "Jill and I are praying for their families, and for the many others injured and fighting for their lives in the wake of this weekend’s gun violence," Biden's statement continued.

"What has our nation come to when children cannot attend a birthday party without fear? When parents have to worry every time their kids walk out the door to school, to the movie theater, or to the park?" Biden said.

"Guns are the leading killer of children in America, and the numbers are rising – not declining," the president continued. "This is outrageous and unacceptable. Americans agree and want lawmakers to act on commonsense gun safety reforms," Biden falsely claimed.

"Instead, this past week Americans saw national Republican elected leaders stand alongside the NRA in a race to the bottom on dangerous laws that further erode gun safety. Our communities need and deserve better," Biden said.

"I commend Tennessee Governor Bill Lee for signing an Executive Order to expand background checks and calling on the Tennessee statehouse to pass a red flag law," Biden said of action taken by the Republican governor. "I hope more Republican officials will follow suit and take action. "

"I stand ready, as I always have been, to work across the aisle in good faith on federal legislation that will save lives," Biden continued. "It is within Congress’ power to require safe storage of firearms, require background checks for all gun sales, eliminate gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability, and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines – and this should happen without delay."

Democrats never miss an opportunity to stand on the bodies of dead Americans to make a point about guns. Besides being grossly callous to the families of the victims, it also flies in the face of reason.

Law-abiding citizens who own guns should not be punished for the criminals who commit murder with firearms. Almost since the founding of the nation, the Second Amendment has allowed Americans to own guns.

This has not been a problem except in modern times, where Democrats seek to blame the weapons for the actions of the people holding them. Biden has been transparent about the fact that he wants to ban certain guns and will use any means to ram through his radical agenda.

“I call on Congress again to pass my assault weapon ban," Biden said last month at the Small Business Administration Women’s Business Summit, Politico reported. "It’s about time we begin to make some progress, but there’s more to learn."

The increasing gun violence in America has many causes, including defunding police and opening the revolving door to career criminals. Instead of taking away the rights of ordinary citizens, perhaps Democrats should own up to their own policy decisions that have created the violence.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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