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 March 9, 2024

Joe Biden signals defiance against the Supreme Court in aftermath of SOTU

President Joe Biden has destroyed convention and done the opposite of returning American politics to "normal."

The aftermath of his incredibly divisive and political State of the Union address has made one thing clear, Joe Biden's biggest quarrel is with the Supreme Court, no matter how important that institution is to the United States. 

During his address to the nation, Joe Biden specifically threatened the justices of the Supreme Court for daring to overturn Roe v. Wade and block the progressive agenda.

Biden stated, "Women are not without electoral or political power. You’re about to realize just how much you got right about that."

The left is celebrating Biden's aggression, something they consistently shriek about from Donald Trump, towards the court and its justices. Democrats never cared about the sanctity of our institutions, they only care about wielding power.

The left's greatest enemy

The greatest obstacle to the progressive agenda in America is the 6-3 conservative majority Supreme Court.

SCOTUS has dealt repeated blows to the left and not just on abortion with their landmark decision ending Roe v. Wade after over half a century of abortion.

The justices of the Supreme Court have also consistently denied Biden's wishes to grant large-scale student debt relief.

Biden's attempts at buying votes with debt forgiveness have been repeatedly smacked down by the court but the Biden administration continues to seek ways to circumvent the court's decisions.

Had Biden's predecessor openly and repeatedly attempted to circumvent the Supreme Court, the same leftists celebrating Biden's actions would be calling for yet another impeachment trial.

Biden's treatment of the Supreme Court and the Democrat Party's implicit support of such behavior makes it clear that the rules have changed. They don't care for the rules and until Republicans understand that, they will be fighting from behind consistently.

Raising 2024's stakes

The 2024 presidential election will be a pivotal moment in history, especially if Trump can win himself a 2nd term in the White House.

Democrats fear that another Supreme Court justice, likely Sonia Sotomayor, could retire in the next couple of years and if Trump picks her replacement it will create an insurmountable 7-2 conservative majority on the court.

Some have even called on Sotomayor to step aside now but it may be too late for that. The election is months away and Sotomayor is showing no signs that she wants to have her future dictated by Democrat activists.

Nonetheless, there is an understanding that 2024 will determine which party picks the next justice and Trump's presidency showed the nation just how consequential such picks can be.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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