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 November 16, 2023

Joe Biden says he is "embarrassed" after forgetting name of reporter he was supposed to call on

President Joe Biden held a rare press conference and demonstrated once again why his press conferences are so few and far between.

The unscripted nature of press conferences makes it impossible for White House handlers to keep President Biden on a script in order to avoid embarrassing gaffes and missteps that will stoke speculation about Biden's mental faculties.

Unfortunately, the inevitable happened and President Biden messed up.

President Biden has a list of reporters and the organizations that they work for which he is allowed to take questions from. This is done to ensure Biden isn't taking hostile questions that he can't answer.

Unfortunately, even that script wasn't enough as Biden said "Uh, I'm embarrassed. I think it's CBS, but I can't remember who at CBS. I'm sorry..." Clearly Biden's failing memory struck again and he ended up ending the conference after just taking a couple of questions.

Biden isn't all there

President Joe Biden can't improvise and react to a changing situation which is why it is so important that the White House control his appearances as much as possible.

In a perfect world for the Biden administration, Biden would never have to stand up in front of the press but they can't get away with completely hiding Biden.

However, the Biden administration has to at least pay lip service to transparency and that means every few months they have to run Biden out there and hope for the best.

The results are predictable as the President only takes questions from approved organizations and reporters and often he only takes a handful of questions before he runs off away from the public for the next few months.

The truth is that Biden has been on the decline since 2019 and his ability to handle even more basic social interactions has deteriorated massively.

So if President Biden can't handle basic social interactions, how will he lead the world's most powerful nation for another four years?

Elder abuse

President Biden will be 81 this week meaning he will be just short of 82 if he won the 2024 presidential election. That means he would be 86 when he left office after his second term, which means the presidential age record that he already holds would be massive.

Some have claimed that Biden is being pushed into running by his handlers in the Democrat Party and his family, something that would amount to elder abuse.

Furthermore, it is irresponsible to run a candidate who is an octogenarian that can barely get through a press conference.

Some Democrats have recognized this and are pushing for other candidates, but it may be too late. The DNC seemingly has no interest in changing plans and it looks like Biden is locked in for 2024.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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