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 September 12, 2023

Joe Biden reportedly panicking about impending indictment of Hunter Biden

President Joe Biden is in anguish about the prospect of an indictment of his son, Hunter Biden, Breitbart reported. A court document was filed last week by special counsel David Weiss indicating that it could come by the end of this month.

This information was revealed in a September 6 status update on the investigation. Reports say that the president was "stunned" and "plunged into sadness and frustration" by the news of Weiss's legal move.

The younger Biden is facing new trouble after a previous sweetheart plea deal fell apart in court last month. Hunter Biden was promised he could plead guilty to tax charges and enroll in a diversion program to avoid jail time for a criminal gun charge.

Moreover, Weiss had originally included a provision that left Hunter Biden immune from future charges as well, and such nonsense couldn't stand up to scrutiny in court. With this deal now nullified, the younger Biden will likely stand trial for his alleged crimes.

This didn't sit well with Joe Biden, according to insiders with knowledge of the situation. "The possibility of a federal indictment of Hunter Biden stunned the president," people close to the matter told the New York Times.

"He plunged into sadness and frustration," those sources claimed. "Since then, his tone in conversations about Hunter has been tinged with a resignation that was not there before," the news outlet recounted from confidants.

The Times pointed out that this stems from "the painful dynamics of the first family, shaped by intense ambition and deep loss, along with anger and guilt." However, the reality is that it seems Hunter Biden is finally getting his due despite his father's best efforts.

It's likely that because of the president's powerful position, Weiss brokered a deal with the younger Biden few other defendants could even dream about. Now that it's under proper scrutiny, legal experts want to know how this poor excuse for justice came about in the first place.

"So here’s the question for Weiss: What the hell have you been doing for the last five years?" questioned the former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, Andrew C. McCarthy. "The answer, of course, is: burying the Biden investigation," he asserted.

Despite the promise of forthcoming justice at this late date, Mike Davis, founder of the right-leaning Article III Project, said this could be nothing more than a red herring. "Don’t be fooled," he said on X, formerly Twitter.

"Both Democrat senators picked Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss," he added. "Protected Bidens for years," Davis, who was formerly the former chief counsel for nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, pointed out.

"Let statute of limitations expire on tax charges. Buried credible evidence of Bidens’ foreign bribery. Tried to give Hunter secret immunity," Davis asserted about the series of events that almost got Hunter Biden completely off the hook.

There is mounting evidence that the Biden family has been corrupt for years while Joe Biden's power shielded any of them from legal action. With the elder Biden in Washington, D.C., for more than 50 years, he and his kin were able to act with impunity.

However, there's a good shot that could be ending, especially with Democrats disenchanted with their elderly president and looking to swap him out before the 2024 presidential race. Once the left has opened the floodgates, there will be nowhere for the Biden family to hide.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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