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 May 20, 2023

Joe Biden pawns off debt ceiling deal on Vice President Kamala Harris

President Joe Biden has left Vice President Kamala Harris to hammer out a debt ceiling deal as he jetted off to Japan, Breitbart reported. The U.S. faces default if Democrats and Republicans can't come to an agreement in time.

This issue requires a delicate touch but a firm and steady course, making Harris exactly the worst person for the job. Her previous role as border czar has shown her to be incompetent in taking care of anything of importance.

Illegal immigration skyrocketed after Biden took office in January 2021, and he quickly tasked Harris with fixing it, Fox News reported. Instead of practical solutions like securing the border, she focused on so-called "root causes."

However, Harris couldn't be bothered to even visit the southern border for months after being tapped for the job. She eventually did -- once -- and accomplished little on the issue as millions more migrants flooded into the U.S.

"If you were given a job two years ago with the explicit goal of reducing illegal immigration, and then you sit around and do nothing while illegal immigration explodes to levels never seen before, you should be fired and replaced," a spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents the agents, said. "Period."

Still, Biden headed for Asia Wednesday and left Harris to negotiate with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to continue talks through a "virtual conference." McCarthy's deputy spokesman Chad Gilmartin took aim at that move in a tweet Wednesday.

"As House and Senate Republicans hold a press conference on a responsible debt limit increase, President Biden departs for Asia…" Before this, McCarthy was optimistic the White House would be willing to strike a deal soon.

“So, the structure of how we negotiate has improved," McCarthy said. "So it now gives you a better opportunity, even though we only have a few days to get it done."

However, the fact that Biden has made Harris his proxy on this important issue has become proof positive of the president's shortcomings, according to Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel. "While Joe Biden has left the country, border czar Kamala Harris is now involved in debt ceiling negotiations despite presiding over the worst border crisis in history," McDaniel wrote in a statement.

"The Biden-Harris administration’s lack of leadership creates crisis after crisis, leaving American families to suffer the consequences, but they don’t care," McDaniel added. On a conference call Thursday with community leaders and the press, Harris didn't help matters when she took a swipe at the party she's charged with negotiating with on the deal.

"Congressional Republicans claim they are threatening default because they want to lower our nation’s debt," Harris said on the call, NBC News reported. "Let’s be clear: For Republicans in Congress, this issue is not really about lowering our nation’s debt, because if they really cared about lowering our debt, they would not — they would not — also fight to protect trillions of dollars in Trump tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and the biggest corporations."

However, Harris's former communications director Jamal Simmons eagerly touted the vice president's competence. "Her skill from the Senate was in prosecuting a case against people," Simmons said. "The thing she was most known for by most Americans from her time in the Senate were the Supreme Court hearings."

"And so people look to her for inspiration and for prosecuting an argument in the public eye," Simmons continued. "And that is the place where her strengths lie and where she is most useful to the administration," he claimed.

Now the nation has until June 1 to come together to avoid a default, and it rests on the weak shoulders of Harris. Sending the vice president to assist is a terrible strategy if Biden is interested in closing the deal.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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