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 June 16, 2023

Joe Biden offering work permits to white collar workers from India

President Joe Biden quietly announced that his administration was giving away hundreds of thousands of work permits to white-collar temporary workers from India.

The move was announced on Wednesday and allow Indian H-1B, L-1, and O-1 temporary workers to permanently compete with American workers at a time where Americans are feeling economic pain.

The announcement came on the same day that House GOP members released a report detailing the damage that immigration is doing American wage growth.

The importation of thousands of foreign workers keeps the labor pool from constricting meaning that there will be no wage growth. Great news for corporations, terrible news for American workers trying to keep up with inflation.

Openly laughing at American workers

President Joe Biden is no friend of American workers and his presidency has been a windfall for corporations and the elite thanks to him bringing in millions of immigrants who drive down wage growth.

The President is importing workers while simultaneously spending trillions and driving inflation to record levels.

Things could not be worse for American workers but that doesn't matter to President Biden. The President is not working for the American worker, he's working for the corporations and the elite who bankrolled his campaign.

College graduates, many who are saddled with massive student loan debt, will find themselves competing with foreign workers thanks to the Biden administration.

Worse, the Biden administration is opening the door for more cases of racial discrimination. There is currently a massive lawsuit against Molina Healthcare Inc. that alleges that the company fired American workers in order to hire Indian workers.

A former Molina worker testified, "In 2006, DESAI informed MOLINA’s Upper Management, including me, that he preferred to only hire Indians from India. I watched and observed how the national origin make up of the IT Department changed from evenly mixed in 2006 to over 95 percent Indian in 2010."

President Biden's decision to open up these work permits specifically to Indian workers will not only displace American workers, it will also create more opportunities for racial discrimination.

Shut the borders

Republicans have been zeroed in on the southern border and the problem of illegal immigration. However, it may be time to consider the prospect of cutting back on all immigration, both legal and illegal.

While illegal immigration is a huge problem, so is importing hundreds of thousands of skilled workers who will displace America's up and coming graduate classes.

So it seems that if Republicans want to demonstrate that they are truly on the side of American workers, they need to work on shutting the borders to all, with very limited exceptions.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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