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 March 10, 2024

Joe Biden not in control of internal White House affairs, Jill Biden maintains control of inner circle

President Joe Biden's failing health has been in the spotlight for some time and his decline is no more evident than when you look at how the White House is run.

First Lady Jill Biden has taken over the White House and acts as a gatekeeper to the president's inner circle. Katie Rogers, a New York Times journalist, who is writing "American Woman," explained that Jill has taken over staffing, and is active in campaigning, and policymaking.

Jill Biden is so active in the campaign that she is making campaign appearances for her husband's reelection campaign without him.

The value of Jill Biden is obvious as she is in much better health and much more energetic than her husband. Her appearance on the campaign trail doesn't risk embarrassing gaffes while keeping a Biden at key events.

Rogers described Jill Biden as a "gatekeeper" to the White House inner circle and she has as much if not more control than her husband.

Jill taking over

Jill Biden is taking over even as her husband continues to deteriorate. There's no doubt that if Joe Biden won another term in office, it would be Jill Biden acting in his stead unofficially.

Rogers explained "The one thing I would just say to that is Joe Biden’s inner circle is as much Jill’s domain as it is his. She’s really a gatekeeper for the people who are closest to him, even though she’s not in the West Wing. She’s not stationed there holding open the door to the Oval."

Those who want the ear of the President need to go through the First Lady first.

While that doesn't sound particularly alarming, it is worth remembering that Americans didn't vote for Jill Biden to be President in 2020.

But with Joe Biden's poor health, and collapsing mental faculties, Jill Biden will be the top dog. Vice President Kamala Harris certainly isn't calling the shots anytime soon as she's not even in the White House's inner circle.

Cold war between Biden and Harris

Jill Biden and Kamala Harris have been in a cold war with each other for some time. The relationship between the two has been described as “somewhat fraught" which of course is the politically discreet version of events.

Biden seemingly refuses to acknowledge Harris and will deliberately avoid talking about her. Some of this can be attributed to Harris's failures that reflect terribly on President Biden no doubt earning Jill BIden's ire.

While Jill Biden becomes an increasingly important figure in the White House, Harris continues to be sidelined and it wouldn't be the biggest shock to see her get swapped out ahead of November's election.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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