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 October 1, 2023

Joe Biden issues restrictions on gas furnaces further proving the Democrat war on appliances is real

President Joe Biden issued new restrictions on home gas-powered furnaces that will require much more stringent emission standards and raise the cost of furnaces significantly.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm issued a statement saying, "At the direction of Congress, DOE is continuing to review and finalize energy standards for household appliances, such as residential furnaces, to lower costs for working families by reducing energy use and slashing harmful pollutants in homes across the nation."

Granholm further claimed, "Today’s measure, along with this Administration’s past and planned energy efficiency actions, underscores President Biden’s commitment to save Americans money and deliver healthier communities."

The mainstream media told American's that the Biden administration's war on appliances was Republican fearmongering, and yet we are seeing even more regulations that will likely increase the cost of heating homes with winter just around the corner.

The new regulations will go into place in 2028, and while Granholm claims that the new furnaces will reduce energy use, that can only happen with a significant increase in costs both in purchasing as well as maintaining.

Americans footing the bill

The Biden administration doesn't care about lowering costs for regular Americans, they are only concerned with their green agenda and reducing emissions while regular Americans foot the bill.

Right now, furnaces need to meet an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 80%, meaning that they must convert 80% of input energy into heat.

Under the new rules, furnaces will have to convert 95% of input energy into heat and that needs to be done in six years.

An improvement of 15% energy utilization won't be cheap or easy to achieve without raising costs. The Biden administration knows that this will cost struggling American households but they don't seem to care.

Richard Meyer, the vice president of energy markets, analysis and standards at the American Gas Association, told Fox News, "They're going to have to, in many cases, install new equipment to exhaust gas out of their home. These higher efficiency units, or so-called condensing units — a lot of consumers have them in their home, but a lot of consumers don't. So, this rule would require additional retrofits for a lot of consumers. And those retrofits can be extremely cost prohibitive."

These new regulations might be great news for American HVAC technicians, but its terrible news for families that are already grappling with inflation which is already pushing costs up.

War on gas appliances

Since May, the Biden administration has set its sights on not just gas appliances, but also light bulbs and dishwashers. Democrats are going to minimize energy emissions at the household level while their mega-donor friends fly around in private jets.

These new rules will severely slash the availability and options for gas furnaces as the AGA estimates that 60% of current residential furnaces will become illegal.

All of this is being done to achieve some minuscule reduction in energy emissions while Americans watch their energy expenditures climb.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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