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 January 31, 2023

Joe Biden is coming for more than just your gas stove

President Joe Biden's Consumer Product Safety Commission announced plans to ban gas stoves earlier this month in a move that led to widespread controversy, but there's more to come on the climate agenda.

The goal is to consider removing any product that cannot be made safely, including both gas and electric household products.

A wide range of home products

“There’s bad news for almost every room in the house,” Lieberman told Fox News Digital. “Climate activists and the Biden administration want homeowners to stop using natural gas and to electrify everything. That would affect appliances that come in natural gas and electric versions such as stoves, but also heating systems and water heaters.

The list includes “water heaters, furnaces, clothes washers, dishwashers, ceiling fans, microwave ovens and shower heads."

Impossible standards

The strict plans in consideration may sound good for safety or the climate but are so overreaching that no one can follow them, including First Lady Jill Biden.

When the gas stove controversy arose, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis staffer Christina Pushaw posted a picture of the first lady cooking on a gas stove.

"Biden will ban gas stoves for normal people. Not for elites. This is Soviet America: Rules for thee, not for me," she tweeted.

Other examples were made public showing Vice President Kamala Harris and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) using gas stoves in videos.

Of course, the safer alternatives are considerably higher in price than the traditional products in a move that would only increase the financial burden on the American people.

The left's push for climate change goes against common sense in some of these areas but also follows the climate change lobby that funds the Biden administration.

The push for ending the use of gas stoves and other traditional American products is ultimately an effort against freedom. When citizens are no longer able to even choose how they purchase appliances for their homes and make their own food it's a bad sign for liberty for the American people.

Written By:
Dillon Burroughs

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