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 February 10, 2023

Joe Biden denies reports of economic recession in the next two years

President Joe Biden denies reports that a recession is on the horizon in the next two years, Breitbart reported. Biden made this claim Wednesday during an interview on “PBS NewsHour” despite glaring indicators to the contrary.

Host Judy Woodruff asked Biden about the future of the economy based on what he had said the night before in the State of the Union address. "Inflation is coming down, incomes are rising," she began.

"And yet when you mention the polls, when you look at the polls, CBS poll, 64% of Americans think the economy is in bad shape. There’s an NBC poll, 71% think the country’s on the wrong track. Why the disconnect?" Woodruff wanted to know.

Biden simply blamed the way polls are conducted. "You got to make, what, 40, 50 calls and on a cell phone to get someone to answer a poll? Even the pollsters, you talk to them. Ask them what they think about this," Biden said.

Woodruff pressed further about whether he thought his "policies" were to blame, which sent him into another diatribe about how great things are despite the clear evidence to the contrary. "Oh, I know the policy," Biden said.

"By the way, if you ask the same things. Do they support the rebuilding infrastructure America? Overwhelmingly support. Ask anybody," Biden claimed, suddenly believing pollsters.

"Do they support the CHIPS and Science Act where we’ve attracted $300 billion in investments? We invented these chips. They’re coming back to America," he added.

"We’re going to be the leaders again. When you ask them about whether or not they think they’re paying too much, too much for drug prices. Overwhelmingly, yes," Biden said.

"So it’s all just like, look, people went through hell the last several years, the last five years in the pandemic. We lost a million people, dead. And so every time you turn on the news, are you reporting any positive news," the president rambled.

"I’m not meaning you personally, editorially. So you turn on the television and everything’s down. And so people understandably are down," Biden claimed.

Then Woodruff pointed out that there was a "Gallup Poll saying most Americans think next year the economy is going to be bad." She asked Biden directly, "Do you think there’s going to be a recession [this year]?"

"No," he claimed. "Or next year. From the moment I got elected, how many of the experts are saying within the next six months is going to be recession?" Biden said

The reason everyone has been warning about a recession is because it's nearly inevitable at this point, Fox Business News reported. Record inflation, slowing wage growth, and increasing interest rates are all ingredients for the next big downturn whether Biden believes it or not.

Biden has done his best to ruin the U.S. economy, and it's only a matter of time before the whole system reaches the tipping point. Instead of fixing it, Biden can only be in denial or lie about it until it finally happens.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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