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 March 2, 2023

Joe Biden cringes following his own remark, video of gaffe goes viral

President Joe Biden cringed at his own gaffe during a recent speech in his latest public blunder.

The incident occurred during a speech at Kempsville Recreation Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on health care.

The remarks

“Bringing down prescription drug cost doesn’t just save money for seniors and Medicare; it’s going to have a significant effect on the federal deficit. It’s going to lower the debt by $159 billion," Biden said.

“And you say, ‘Well, how can that be, Joe?’ Well, right now, the government — our tax dollars pay out through Medicare the help for the prescription drugs. If they have to pay out 150 thou- — 159 thou- — billion dollars let- — (the President rolls his eyes) — (laughter) — less for prescription drugs, then it reduces the deficit," he added.

More than a gaffe?

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), the former White House Doctor for former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, believes Biden's gaffes are part of a larger concern.

“I saw him periodically throughout the years I was there, making the comment that I wasn’t his physician at the time,” he said on Sunday to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

“I oversaw the guy that did take care of him, but I wasn’t his physician at the time. But I have seen the same thing everybody else saw. I have saw Joe Biden, that was always prone to gaffes. But these aren’t gaffes anymore. Something’s changed toward — during the time that President Trump was our president, something happened, and Joe Biden started having another issue, a cognitive issue that’s related to his age," he added.

At 80 years old, Biden is already the oldest serving president in the nation's history. He would be 82 at the start of a second term and 86 at the end of a second term.

The concerns are leading a growing number of leaders to call for Biden not to run in 2024, with at least one Democrat already committed to running against him, former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.

But many Democrats realize that Biden may be their best option to win in 2024 as the party lacks a strong alternative candidate.

Biden's cognitive issues will likely be a source of more attention as the 2024 election draws closer, especially if the president continues to add to his long list of gaffes.

Written By:
Dillon Burroughs

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