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 February 22, 2023

Joe Biden confirms new sanctions are coming in response to Russia's suspension of nuclear treaty

President Joe Biden announced increased sanctions Tuesday after Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended a long-standing nuclear treaty with the U.S., Breitbart reported. This move came hours after Putin made his own declaration about the treaty's dissolution.

"I am forced to announce today that Russia is suspending its participation in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty," Putin told his people Tuesday before Biden's speech. "The West uses Ukraine as a ram against Russia."

Putin said he would suspend the nuclear pact called the New START agreement originally signed in 2011. It was essentially the continuation of more than a half-century of a truce in the arms race unilaterally dissolved.

The Russian leader blamed the U.S. for creating a "spiritual catastrophe" with its lack of morality in his speech. "They distort historical facts and constantly attack our culture, the Russian Orthodox Church, and other traditional religions of our country," Putin said.

"Look at what they do with their own peoples: the destruction of the family, cultural and national identity, perversion, and the abuse of children are declared the norm. And priests are forced to bless same-sex marriages." Biden was forced to rebut with his own speech and further action.

Biden said Tuesday that he would add to the 750 amended and 1,500 new sanctions imposed since the start of the war a year ago when Russia invaded Ukraine. It was a foreign policy failure for Biden as long-standing tensions over territory in the region erupted into all-out war.

Now, speaking at the Royal Palace in Warsaw, Poland, lit up yellow and blue to show solidarity with Ukraine in its war against Russia, Biden announced another escalation. "Together, we made sure Russia is paying the price for its abuses," Biden claimed.

"We continue to maintain the largest sanctions regime ever imposed on any country in history," Biden touted. "And we are going to announce more sanctions this week together with our partners," he added.

The president didn't elaborate on the exact terms of the new sanctions, however.  "We will hold those accountable for those responsible for this war, and will seek justice for the war crimes and crimes against humanity continuing to be committed by the Russians."

Regardless of what sanctions Biden decides to impose, the U.S. has lost important ground when it comes to relations with Russia. Biden has squandered decades of ground made up after the Cold War ended.

Moreover, Biden has cornered Putin with his continued financial backing of Ukraine. The consequences of this monumental misstep could be very grave indeed.

"Putin’s clearly trying to inject nuclear leverage into both Ukraine and his relationship with the United States," Jon Wolfsthal, a former National Security Council member who was instrumental in negotiating the original treaty, told NBC News. "And that should worry a lot of people."

Since the start of the conflict with Ukraine, Putin has made it clear that using nuclear weapons was an option on the table, which is a problem for the administration's foreign policy. "We remain ready to talk about strategic weapons limitations at any time with Russia, irrespective of anything else going on in the world or in our relationship," Secretary of State Antony Blinken assured reporters.

With each passing day in office, Biden makes America less prosperous, less safe, and less secure. Biden could turn out to be the most dangerous president the nation ever had -- and it's only two years into his term.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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