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 October 17, 2022

Joe Biden caught begging Saudi's not to cut oil production driving calls for impeachment

Democrats impeached former President Donald Trump twice. Will they hold President Joe Biden to the same standards this time?

Biden was caught asking the Saudis to hold off on cutting oil production until after the midterm elections, Breitbart reported. This is akin to using his position to further his own political interests -- precisely what Democrats had impeached Trump for doing.

The manipulation came to light after Saudi Arabia issued a statement slamming Biden for accusing the nation of siding with Russia because it would follow OPEC+'s move to slash daily oil production by two million barrels. The foreign ministry slammed Biden and, in turn, confirmed the scheme.

Biden was clearly attempting to delay the inevitable rise in oil prices that would remind voters to stay away from Democrats. This could have been avoided had the president not made it a point to roll back America's energy independence.

Instead, he attempted to compel foreign officials to work in his party's best interest. This is exactly what Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) warned against in his opening statement during Trump's impeachment trial.

"The Framers of our Constitution worried then—as we worry today—that a leader could come to power not to carry out the will of the people that he was elected to represent, but to pursue his own interests," he claimed. "They feared that a president could subvert our democracy by abusing the awesome power of his office for his own personal or political gain," Schiff stated.

However, that is exactly what Biden did when asking the Saudis to delay -- not cancel -- their cuts. Biden was after political maneuvering that had no benefit to the American people.

By contrast, Trump had asked the Ukrainian government to investigate then-candidate Biden and his son Hunter Biden's corruption. Trump's supposed transgression had an aim beyond his own political future.

Democrats went after Trump for encouraging an investigation that clearly has merit. However, they'll no doubt ignore Biden's attempt to manipulate oil prices to serve his own political interests.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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