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 March 22, 2024

Joe Biden a public victim of classic 'elder abuse'

President Joe Biden's age, along with his physical and cognitive health, which despite claims to the contrary from his Democratic surrogates is nothing less than alarming and embarrassing, is a massive thorn in the side of his 2024 campaign. 

Many have shifted the blame squarely on First Lady Jill Biden, given that she's seemingly perfectly ok with allowing her 81-year-old husband -- who should quite seriously be retired and/or in an assisted living facility -- to continue to make a fool out of himself on the national and world stage.

A recent op-ed in left-leaning Newsweek even made the case that President Biden is suffering from "elder abuse" at the hands of his wife and family.

The bombshell piece came in the wake of the latest report highlighting the frailty of the sitting president in that he's been issued special shoes to help prevent him from taking yet another humiliating -- and harmful -- fall.

What did it say?

Toronto-based writer Laura Rosen Cohen held nothing back in her assessment that Biden is a very public example of classic elder abuse.

"Recent reports confirm what's obvious to everyone on the planet: President Joe Biden is a frail 81-year old who requires physiotherapy daily for his increasingly stiff gait and must wear slip proof sneakers to prevent frequent falls," Cohen wrote. "Staff reportedly can only schedule important meetings for him from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, because that is when he is most lucid."

She pointed out that his behaviors are in line with patterns of a typical dementia patient, especially the seemingly daily videos and stills of the elderly president looking utterly confused at nearly every turn.

"He also frequently shouts angrily at reporters and confuses things, like Mexico and Egypt, or the names of dead leaders with current ones," Cohen wrote.

Cohen then asked the question many have asked over the past three-odd-something years: Why is Jill Biden -- and his family -- letting this happen to their beloved family member?

"President Joe Biden faces a clear and present physical danger to his person due to his decline. But the public spectacle of his enfeebled nature also begs a different question: Why is the First Lady not putting an end to her husband's repeated and consistent public humiliation?" Cohen wrote.

Doubling down

Cohen used President Biden's condition as a metaphor to describe the state of the nation on the world stage.

"The leader of the free world is now an actual physical representation of the decline of American power and the American Republic," Cohen wrote.

She added, "The President's diminished capacity is being willfully and purposely ignored by those closest to him, something that is very well-appreciated by America's enemies. As a result, the world is in chaos."

While many Democrats continue to gaslight Americans into believing Biden is perfectly fine and healthy, everyone knows the shockingly sad truth.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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