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 January 21, 2024

Jill Biden lands herself in a seriously awkward situation

First Lady Jill Biden recently found herself in a rather awkward situation. 

According to Fox News, the situation was that she gave a speech at a Utah high school named Hunter High.

The awkward bit is that Biden has a stepson named Hunter Biden, and it is well-known that Hunter Biden has had substance abuse problems.

Either the first lady and her team did not realize this or they did not think it would be a problem. The social media response to Biden's appearance at the high school, however, would suggest that the appearance was likely a bad idea.

The first lady, since her appearance at Hunter High, has been the butt end of many jokes on social media.

U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), for example, wrote, "You can't make this stuff up. Jill Biden speaking at a school named ‘Hunter High.’ Appropriately named!"

It really did not help that the room in which the first lady gave her speech was littered with "Hunter High" signs. In fact, directly behind the podium, there was a very large and noticeable "Hunter High School" banner. And, on the front of the very podium that Biden spoke at, there was a "Hunter High School" sign.

One communications professional told Fox, "As someone who's done a lot of ‘advance’ work in politics, I'm really curious who screwed up & approved this podium sign for [First Lady Jill Biden]. Either that or they're trolling us."

This all comes as Hunter Biden is facing two criminal charges, one in Delaware and one in California.

This is in addition to the fact that House Republicans continue to investigate the so-called Biden family business - the idea that Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family have essentially been selling access to Joe Biden and his position in the U.S. government for years.

Recently, Jill Biden has been making appearances in various parts of the country, and, occasionally she comes to the defense of both her husband and stepson.

Regarding Hunter Biden, she recently told MSNBC, "I think what they are doing to Hunter is cruel. And, I'm really proud of how Hunter has rebuilt his life after addiction. I love my son and it's had — it's hurt my grandchildren and that's what I'm so concerned about, that it's affecting their lives as well."

This is how the White House has attempted to spin the Hunter Biden situation, by attempting to make Hunter Biden the victim.

Perhaps the worst part about the First Lady's appearance at the high school is the fact that it has refocused attention on Hunter Biden. The appearance, accordingly, has to be considered a major public relations failure for the Biden White House.

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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