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By Mae Slater on
 July 9, 2024

Jen Psaki Admits That Biden's ABC Interview Failed To Assuage Democrat Doubts

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently made a startling revelation about President Joe Biden’s campaign and his ability to run for a second term according to The Daily Mail.

In an interview on her MSNBC show, Psaki expressed concerns that Biden’s recent interview with ABC News might not alleviate doubts about his competency following a dismal debate performance.

Psaki, who has extensive experience prepping Biden and others for interviews, detailed the president’s performance in an interview with George Stephanopoulos. The interview, which aired on Friday, was Biden’s first major media appearance since the poorly received debate in Atlanta. Psaki described the interview as “just okay.”

During her show on Sunday, Psaki commented on Biden’s improvement over his debate performance but noted lingering issues. “I watched it. I've watched a lot of these. I've prepped him and others for a lot of these. I would say it went just okay for the president,” Psaki said. She emphasized that while Biden seemed better prepared and more coherent, there were still moments that did not go well.

This sentiment seemed to reflect the broader concern within the Democratic Party. Psaki observed, "I mean in many ways people watching saw what they wanted to see because for some he looked better than he did at the debate. He did. He was more clear.

He seemed much better prepared to make his case and make the case against Trump. But there were also some moments and not just one that did not go well."

Public and Party Response to Biden’s Interview

The interview has left many in a state of uncertainty. A CBS News poll showed a staggering 72% of voters believe Biden lacks the mental or cognitive health to serve another term. This revelation puts further pressure on the president as he continues to assert his fitness for office.

Psaki conceded that a single interview could not shift the prevailing perception. "One interview definitely doesn't have the capacity to change the perception that Biden lacks the mental or cognitive health to serve," she noted. The interview left the public and many Democrats still grappling with questions about the best path forward.

Biden, addressing his poor debate performance, stated, “I just had a bad night. I don’t know why.” Despite the criticisms, he dismissed concerns, attributing the doubts to the press rather than the majority of voters.

Biden remained firm in his commitment to stay in the race, unequivocally saying, “If the Lord Almighty came down and said, 'Joe, get out of the race,' I’d get out of the race. The Lord Almighty’s not coming down."

The president has been active in his campaigning since the debate, participating in various interviews and appearances. After the debate, he sat down for his first network interview post-debate in Wisconsin. This interview did not result in any major gaffes but still left an impression of rambling and lack of coherence at times.

Campaign Trail and Clashing Statements

Biden’s campaign trail took him to Wisconsin on Friday and Pennsylvania on Sunday, culminating in an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday.

During this interview, Biden faced tough questions from the co-hosts and took the opportunity to target his opponent, Donald Trump. He criticized Trump’s debate performance and reiterated his claim of defeating Trump in 2020, stating he could do it again.

Those calling for Biden to exit the race were dismissed by the president as the “elite.” He argued that his low approval ratings and mounting criticisms were not reflective of the broader public's opinion but rather a narrative driven by the press.

Internally, the Democratic Party remains anxious about Biden’s prospects and the best way forward. Psaki summarized this internal sentiment, saying, "The questions I know I’m getting from text messages from friends, from family are twofold: What’s going to happen and what is the best path forward? And I’m not going to sit here this afternoon and tell you I know the answer to either question."

The concerns within the party are compounded by Biden’s insistence on continuing his re-election campaign despite the widespread doubts about his abilities. As the campaign progresses, the outcome and direction for the Democrats remain uncertain.


Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has highlighted significant concerns over President Joe Biden’s capacity to serve a second term following a lackluster debate and a subsequent underwhelming interview with ABC News.

Despite improvements, doubts persist, exacerbated by a CBS poll indicating 72% of voters question his cognitive health.

The Democratic Party faces internal uncertainty as Biden presses on with his campaign, maintaining his readiness to defeat Donald Trump once more. Amid pressures and criticisms, Biden remains resolute, dismissing doubters and elite critics while pledging to persevere on the campaign trail.

Written By:
Mae Slater

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