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 February 7, 2024

Israel rejects Hamas terrorists' demands of ceasefire, unfair hostage exchange

The war between Israel and the Hamas terrorists who occupy the Gaza Strip has raged on, though media attention has died down considerably. 

President Joe Biden has been largely criticized -- by both sides of the political aisle -- for the way he's handled the war from the U.S. perspective, with many blaming him for not encouraging earlier actions that could have seen the release of more of the Israeli hostages.

According to Breitbart, Hamas terrorists recently responded to a request to release more hostages by demanding a pause in the fighting and the release of Palestinian terrorist hostages.

The outlet noted:

Though the precise details of Hamas’s reply were not yet known as of Tuesday evening, the Times of Israel reported that Hamas was demanding a permanent ceasefire — a demand Israel has rejected, though the Biden administration also wants the war over.

Roughly 110 Israeli hostages were released during a one-week ceasefire in November, but since then, not much in the way of progress has been made.

Of the 132 hostages remaining, IDF was able to confirm that 31 of them have been killed. There's a chance that an additional 20 hostages are dead, though authorities have had a difficult time confirming that number.

The situation is still a gigantic mess, resulting in protests on all sides of the ordeal. Pro-Palestinian protesters continue to demand Israel completely halt it's war against Hamas while others have protested the shipment of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

According to a late-breaking story from the BBC, Israel strongly rejected the demands issued by Hamas terrorists.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outright rejected the terrorists' demands and doubled down by saying that Israel will march to complete victory against the terrorist group within months.

He also described the demands as "bizarre."

"There is no other solution but a complete and final victory," Netanyahu said during a press conference Wednesday.

He added, "If Hamas will survive in Gaza, it's only a question of time until the next massacre."

Not surprisingly, his response has already triggered a mountain of backlash from those demanding that Israel cease its military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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