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 August 4, 2023

IRS whistleblower says Department of Justice preventing others from coming forward to testify on corruption and the Biden family

Gary Shapley, an IRS whistleblower who contends the Department of Justice protected Hunter Biden, said "so many other people" who could testify to the corruption and coverup are being silenced, Townhall reported. Shapley and others have come forward to reveal the government's hands-off approach to investigating President Joe Biden's son.

"If this was any other person, they would likely have already served their sentence," Shapley, an IRS supervisory agent turned informant, said in an interview. He asserted that any time an investigation came close to implicating Joe Biden, the probe was thwarted.

"There was certain investigative steps we weren't allowed to take that could have led us to President Biden," Shapley added. He believes "so many other people" could testify to this but have already been intimidated and scared into staying quiet.

Fellow whistleblower and IRS special agent Joseph Ziegler also came forward with similar allegations of manipulation and stonewalling when it came to investigations involving the Biden family. He detailed how this occurred in a summary of their sworn testimony.

"In every case I worked, we followed standard operating procedure. We went by the book, and every taxpayer we investigated received fair and equitable treatment," Ziegler, who is a self-described gay Democrat, said.

"I came forward because, in my opinion, Hunter Biden received preferential treatment. Although some in Congress tried to explain away my concerns, what I saw during the investigation was entirely outside the norm," he contended.

"I have disagreed with prosecutors in the past. In some cases, I didn’t get my way. But those disagreements always followed the normal investigative process," Ziegler explained.

"I was always allowed to follow concrete evidence and investigate a case without being handcuffed or slow walked by the Justice Department. Looking back on my five-year tax investigation of Hunter Biden, I recall many disagreements between prosecutors and investigators," he added.

"These involved the search warrants of Hunter Biden’s residence and storage unit, the verification of WhatsApp messages that seemingly detailed Joe Biden’s presence during business discussions, and delayed or blocked interviews with members of the Biden family. I would characterize the Justice Department’s behavior as obstruction," Ziegler charged.

"Things reached a breaking point when Gary Shapley and I were sidelined after a disagreement with U.S. Attorney David Weiss. Four assigned prosecutors and Mr. Weiss had agreed to recommend the approval of misdemeanor and felony charges for 2017-19 before Mr. Weiss ultimately claimed he wasn’t the deciding person on whether to file charges," he went on.

"When Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys in the District of Columbia and the Central District of California declined the case after only a brief review, and refused to allow Mr. Shapley or me to brief them on our findings, I knew I had to blow the whistle," Ziegler said. He and Shapley have done just that while Biden's surrogate used another prosecution of former President Donald Trump as a diversion tactic.

State Freedom Caucus communications director Greg Price showed the timeline for the two incidents. "June 7: FBI releases documents to Congress alleging the Bidens took a $10M bribe from Burisma. June 8: [Special Counsel] Jack Smith indicts Trump in Mar-a-Lago docs case," he tweeted.

"July 31: Hunter Biden's former business partner testifies to Congress that Joe Biden was on over 20 calls with his son's business partners and that Burisma execs pressured them to fire the prosecutor. August 1: Jack Smith indicts Trump again for January 6," Price went on with the latest example.

It's nearly undeniable that the Bidens received preferential treatment because of their famous name. However, the whistleblowers' testimony is too compelling to ignore.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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