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 August 22, 2023

Hunter Biden's legal team reportedly threatened the DOJ to derail investigation

Hunter Biden's legal team was confident it could "threaten" the Justice Department to derail its investigation and keep him out of jail, the Washington Examiner reported. The news outlet's Byron York said it was the defense team's "arrogance" on display.

On Monday, GOP lawmakers subpoenaed four officials from the IRS and FBI involved in a meeting last year with David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware, Fox News reported. This is the latest attempt from the House Judiciary and Ways and Means committee to untangle the web of schemes and lies the Bidens are caught up in.

The officials who will testify were involved in the years-long investigation of Hunter Biden's tax and other crimes that has somehow yielded nothing but a sweetheart deal despite the mounting evidence. Reps. Jason Smith of Missouri and Jim Jordan of Ohio claim the Biden administration "consistently stonewalled Congress" in the probe.

"Our duty is to follow the facts wherever they may lead, and our subpoenas compelling testimony from Biden administration officials are crucial to understanding how the president's son received special treatment from federal prosecutors and who was the ultimate decision maker in the case," Smith and Jordan said. In an unusual turn of events, Weiss was recently named as special counsel.

"Americans deserve to know the truth, especially now that Attorney General Garland has appointed as special counsel the same U.S. Attorney who oversaw Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal and botched the investigation into his alleged tax crimes," they added. Smith, Jordan and Oversight Chairman James Comer launched their probe in June.

It became apparent the whole probe was probably rigged from the start after the plea deal fell apart. Speaking on Fox News's "America Reports," York explained how the younger Biden's attorneys leveraged his father's political position to get him off the hook.

Hunter Biden's attorneys felt they could get easily get around the DOJ with President Joe Biden in power. "They felt confident they could actually threaten the Justice Department, and apparently, it was working," York said.

"We've had other reports that the Justice Department was ready to let Hunter Biden off scot-free, no charges, no nothing. And it was only after a couple of IRS whistleblowers emerged speaking to House Republicans, getting their story out, accusing the Justice Department of special treatment in the Hunter Biden case that the Justice Department then began to back up and ended up charging two minor charges against Hunter Biden," York went on.

Hunter Biden had committed a felony when he lied on a gun application in 2018, The Hill reported. The application asked if the person applying is "an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?"

Despite being in the throes of a drug addiction, Hunter Biden answered, "No." The form itself outlines the fact that lying about this is a crime "punishable as a felony under Federal law," but apparently not for the president's son. The deal his legal team brokered would have included no jail time for any of it despite the seriousness of the charges.

These facts are piling up on top of other revelations about Hunter Biden's lucrative foreign business dealings. Even CNN had to admit "Trump was right" about the younger Biden's knack for making money in China and that the whistleblower testimony was too compelling to ignore.

"They were listed in the plea agreement that ended up not going through, the one that the Justice Department wouldn't release until days after it happened," York said of the whistleblowers. "Still, you saw the statement of facts in the plea agreement showing that Hunter Biden had gotten a lot of money from those foreign countries," he added.

"So it’s really hard to deny any longer that Hunter Biden was making a lot of money from China, which his father denied, or that Joe Biden talked to Hunter Biden and his business associates about business matters, which now appears to be pretty clearly true based on testimony from the whistleblowers," York said. Joe Biden still maintains that he's not involved in his son's business.

It's clear the Bidens have used power and influence to do what they wish and get away with it. That time may be up now that Republicans are doggedly pursuing each and every allegation to that end.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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