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 January 17, 2023

Hunter Biden battles mom of his little girl to prevent her from using the Biden name

If you thought Hunter Biden was a sleazebag before, just wait until you learn what he's trying to do to his innocent four-year-old daughter who happened to be born out of wedlock to a former Washington D.C.-based exotic dancer. 

Earlier in January, Hunter Biden's team of expensive lawyers asked an Arkansas judge to prevent Navy Joan Roberts, his four-year-old daughter, from being able to use the Biden surname.

The girl is the daughter of Lunden Roberts, a former stripper who has had to battle tooth and nail to prove that the little girl was fathered by Hunter Biden, which only happened within the past few years thanks to a court-ordered paternity test.

Conservative Brief noted:

Lunden, 31, who is raising the couple’s daughter in Arkansas, filed her petition in December amid a continuing paternity lawsuit over child support payments that had been adjusted due to Biden’s “financial circumstances,” which he said had undergone “substantial, material change."

Hunter Biden's lawyers have argued that the little girl taking the Biden surname would be bad for her reputation and overall well-being, even though many believe that's nothing more than a cheap, disrespectful notion to keep the family's dirty laundry out of the public limelight.

The girl's mother, Lunden Roberts, argued the exact opposite, telling the judge that she believes her daughter having the Biden surname would bring greater opportunities and provide for a much better life.

As expected, the internet reacted harshly to the news of Hunter Biden's quest to keep his last name from being used by the little girl, in addition to his continued fight to pay less child support than he was originally ordered.

What a total loser of a father he appears to be, though that shouldn't come as a great surprise at this point.

"It is awful to think of this child learning that her father fought recognition of paternity, fought child support, and then fought her using his name. Fortunately, she has the law on her side and, despite her father's disgraceful efforts, she is a Biden," legal scholar and Fox News regular Jonathan Turley tweeted.

"Despicable. Do your job, Hunter and take financial responsibility for your child. And for those who feel it is acceptable for him to do this, you apparently are not fathers or know what it is to be a good one, another Twitter user wrote.

This negative press is the last thing Hunter Biden needed at this time.

He would have been better off letting her have the last name and keeping this one out of court.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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