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 March 26, 2023

House Republicans move to remove VP Harris from border czar role

Even Democrats can't deny that Vice President Kamala Harris has utterly failed at the one important mission she was tasked with: the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border.

Republicans especially feel that way, and rightfully so, and now that they're in control of the House, they're making good on promises to change the picture.

According to an exclusive document obtained first by the Daily Caller, Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson (R) introduced a resolution to remove Harris from her role as the White House's "border czar."

"Kamala has been an utter DISASTER for our southern border. As the so-called “Border Czar,” she’s done nothing to stop the largest INVASION that our country has EVER seen! Time for her to GO. Today, I introduced a resolution to remove her title FOR GOOD!" Jackson tweeted. 

In a statement to the Daily Caller, Jackson detailed why he introduced the resolution and why it's so important to put someone in charge who can actually make a difference.

"Kamala Harris has done nothing to ‘address the root cause of migration’ or stop the influx of illegal immigrants coming across our border daily. She continues to sit by as the number of illegal immigrants coming across our border skyrockets, fentanyl deaths explode, and CBP officers are left to fend for themselves," Jackson told the outlet.

He added, "She has completely betrayed the American people by blatantly disregarding her duties as Border Czar."

In his own statement, Jackson wrote, "The resolution demands that a competent leader be appointed who will prioritize the safety of Americans, acknowledge that border security is national security, ensure Customs and Border Protection (CBP) receives the resources needed to execute their job effectively, and stop the flood of fentanyl pouring across our border."

And he's dead on the money. Since President Joe Biden appointed her to head up the critical task of bringing the situation under control, the illegal immigration crisis has worsened to record-setting, dangerous levels that absolutely have national security ramifications.

The Daily Caller noted:

There were 164,973 encounters with migrants at the southern border in February of 2022, which is up 7% from January and also a 63% increase from the previous year, according to new U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data.

Harris, who barely visited the "border" one time since she was put in charge of getting control of it, has repeatedly laughed, literally, at the idea of making additional visits and spending time getting a feel of what's really going on.

Truly, nobody expects her, or Biden for that matter, to wave a wand and fix the crisis overnight. But Americans do expect leadership on any given issue, and that just isn't the case on this issue or most others faced by the current White House.

We can only hope and pray that America makes it until we finally elect a Republican president again and begin the task of undoing all the damage caused by the Biden administration.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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