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 May 16, 2024

House GOP Moves Toward Contempt Vote Against AG Garland Amid Biden Probe

In a significant escalation, House Republicans are gearing up to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress.

The Hill reported that this action connects to separate probes into President Biden's handling of classified documents and his impeachment inquiry.

The Republicans' contempt initiative against AG Garland is scheduled for a vote on Thursday, set by the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.

This move stems from Garland’s alleged obstruction in the investigations led by special counsel Robert Hur into President Biden's affairs.

House Committees Push for Key Evidence

At the heart of the contention is the demand by these committees for the audio recording of President Biden's interview with Hur, where only a transcript has been provided thus far. The House Republicans argue that the full audio is crucial for their review, accusing Garland of impeding their investigative efforts.

Republicans assert that the retention of classified documents by Biden could have been motivated by financial gains related to his memoir, with potential ties to benefits for his family's business. They claim that these documents might include sensitive information pertinent to these benefits.

The Department of Justice (DOJ), under Garland’s leadership, has rejected these requests as politically motivated.

In a detailed 11-page response by Carlos Uriarte of the DOJ, he contends that the transcript provided does not support the Republicans' allegations and that the audio would not provide additional insights.

This rebuttal is echoed by Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), who criticized the Republicans' efforts as a “delightfully absurd” quest for impeachable offenses, which remain elusive despite their prolonged investigations since 2023.

Further Scrutiny and Accusations Unfold

The accusations extend to a specific focus on documents related to Ukraine, with Republicans suggesting that Biden might have withheld these documents to protect personal and familial interests. However, Robert Hur’s report has indicated that while it criticized Biden's handling of classified documents, it found no intentional wrongdoing.

In an intriguing twist, a former FBI informant who had accused Biden of accepting a bribe has been charged with fabricating that claim. This development casts further doubt on the credibility of some of the allegations being pursued.

Biden's notebooks, which include reflections on his personal experiences and political views, have been termed personal diaries by Hur.

Hur noted that Biden’s interest in certain documents, like those on Afghanistan, was due to their personal significance rather than plans for public disclosure in his memoir.

These findings highlight the complex interplay between personal records and classified information, a distinction that continues to fuel debate within the ongoing investigations.

Amid these investigations, the political divide is stark. Republicans, led by House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, argue strongly for reviewing the contested documents and audio recordings, citing a need to uncover potential influence peddling by Biden's family.

Conversely, Democrats like Rep. Raskin have dismissed these actions as futile, even humorously suggesting that playing the Beatles’ White Album backwards might be as likely to reveal an impeachable offense as the current Republican efforts.

Conclusion and Forward Look

In conclusion, the impending House vote on Garland's contempt reflects deep partisan divides and a strategic approach by Republicans to link various allegations against President Biden to broader family and business dealings. As the debates and hearings progress, all eyes will be on the unfolding dynamics within Congress, shaping not just the immediate political landscape but potentially impacting broader perceptions of justice and oversight in America.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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