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 February 9, 2023

Hot mic moment catches Joe Biden asking Bob Menendez about Cuba

President Joe Biden's State of the Union address was a dumpster fire, and that's being kind. But as with any SOTU night, the spiciest news is usually in the conversations had after the address in hot mic moments, and Tuesday night was no exception. 

According to Fox News, as the frail president made his way back down the aisle of the House floor to the exit, as is tradition, he stopped and shook hands and briefly spoke with several in attendance, including New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez (D).

But what Biden said next has many people scratching their heads.

"Bob, I gotta to talk to you about Cuba," the president said to the New Jersey senator, the son of Cuban migrants. He seemed momentarily confused as he responded, "ok."

Biden defaulted to his "I'm serious" reply, which is also what he says too many times after statements he makes during his speeches, as if nobody believes him at all.

The weird exchange caught the attention of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R), who tweeted a quick clip of Biden rattling off his strange request.

Menendez has taken issue with some of the Biden administration's decisions regarding communist Cuba. Last year, he publicly broke with the White House when it announced that some travel restrictions to the island nation would be relaxed.

"I am dismayed to learn the Biden administration will begin authorizing group travel to Cuba through visits akin to tourism,” he said, according to The New Jersey Globe.

"To be clear, those who still believe that increasing travel will breed democracy in Cuba are simply in a state of denial. For decades, the world has been traveling to Cuba and nothing has changed."

Twitter users reacted to the moment. "I was wondering if anyone else heard that!!! Scary," one Twitter user wrote.

"Biden wants to talk with Menendez about #Cuba . Are policy changes coming?" tweeted Nora Gámez Torres, reporter for el Nuevo Herald & Miami Herald.

Only time will tell if Biden's question was just small talk for one of his old Senate buddies for the cameras or if there are, in fact, policy changes coming down the pipeline. Given who will be making that policy, God help us all.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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