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 February 21, 2024

Historian reveals Jill Biden 'likes power,' wants Joe to run again

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley shared insights into President Joe Biden's decision to pursue re-election, highlighting the influential role of First Lady Jill Biden.

During an interview on CBS News' "Face The Nation," Brinkley, renowned for his work "The Unfinished Presidency," underscored Jill Biden's departure from traditional first lady dynamics.

 The claims

Brinkley contrasted Biden's situation with historical precedents, citing instances where first ladies influenced their husbands' choices regarding re-election.

He drew parallels with former Presidents Harry Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson, both of whom opted against seeking second terms following discussions with their spouses.

Brinkley emphasized Jill Biden's pivotal role, describing her as a driving force behind Biden's decision. Unlike previous first ladies who expressed reservations or concerns, Jill Biden exhibited a strong desire to remain in the political sphere.

“She teaches in Virginia Community College. This milieu around our building here, this is her home," he stated.

"And the idea of relinquishing it all after you’ve taken the slings and arrows of the last years of attacks, and at the last minute, just when you get all the delegates you’re going to say, I’m going to open it up to a bunch of people — it’s very childish when you read those kind of reports," the interview added.

The comments

"Dr. Jill Biden is it," Brinkley declared, highlighting her affinity for power and her determination to continue serving. He contrasted her stance with that of Bess Truman and Lady Bird Johnson, who preferred to step away from the White House for personal or health-related reasons.

Brinkley illuminated Jill Biden's attachment to Washington, D.C., describing it as her home and underscoring her reluctance to relinquish the platform she has cultivated.

He dismissed reports suggesting childish motivations for seeking re-election, emphasizing the resilience required to withstand political attacks.

The first lady's influence

Through Brinkley's analysis, Jill Biden emerges as a central figure in shaping the Biden administration's trajectory. Her steadfast commitment to remaining in Washington and continuing her advocacy work reflects a departure from traditional first lady roles, underscoring her influence on Biden's political decisions.

Brinkley's remarks underscore the evolving role of first ladies in modern politics, portraying Jill Biden as an active participant rather than a passive observer.

By championing her husband's re-election bid, Jill Biden may also be emphasizing her own desire for power and entitlement.

Written By:
Dillon Burroughs

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