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 May 11, 2024

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Supreme Court Over Trump Legal Delays

In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton voiced her concerns over the Supreme Court's handling of Donald Trump's legal cases.

Fox News reported that Clinton critiqued the delays in resolving Donald Trump’s legal matters, raising concerns over the impact on voter knowledge ahead of elections.

Clinton expressed dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court's ongoing delay in deciding on Trump's claim of immunity in several legal cases.

This claim pertains notably to allegations involving election interference and mishandling classified documents.

Clinton Discusses Trump’s Impact on Public Knowledge

During her MSNBC interview, Clinton highlighted a particular case in New York, which she described as centered on election interference aimed at depriving the public of crucial information during the 2016 elections. This case’s delayed resolution, she argues, hinders public insight into past election manipulations.

“The one going on now currently in New York is really about election interference," Clinton stated. "It is about trying to prevent the people of our country from having relevant information that may have influenced how they could have voted in 2016 or whether they would have voted.”

Additionally, a federal judge recently postponed a case involving Trump's handling of classified documents, further compounding the delays.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court heard arguments in April about Trump's immunity from prosecution in an election interference case spearheaded by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Clinton expressed her approval of a decision by the court of appeals, which she believes thoroughly examined all arguments concerning Trump's legal predicaments. “The judges there, I think, covered every possible argument,” she remarked.

Clinton’s Take on Supreme Court’s Handling

However, Clinton suggested that during the Supreme Court proceedings, there appeared to be an attempt to find loopholes that could benefit Trump. “What we heard when this case was tried before the Supreme Court, to my ear at least, were efforts to try to find loopholes, to try to create an opportunity for Trump,” she explained.

She pointed out that the charges against Trump include serious allegations, such as attempting to overturn election results and mishandling classified documents, which she believes should alarm voters. “That should cause any voter to think not twice, but many, many times over about whether we should entrust our country to him,” she added.

In her critique, Clinton also contrasted the profiles of the presidential candidates, describing one as “old and effective,” capable of passing legislation that she believes will set America on a strong future path. The other candidate, presumably referring to Trump, she described as “old and dangerous.”

“Why is that a hard choice for people?” Clinton questioned, stressing the importance of considering the implications of electing a leader who has been embroiled in such significant legal challenges.

Conclusion: Reevaluating Implications of Delays

In conclusion, Hillary Clinton's critique extends beyond the immediate legal entanglements of Donald Trump to the broader implications for judicial transparency and voter awareness.

Her pointed remarks on the Supreme Court's delays reflect a deep concern for the state of democracy and the rule of law, urging voters to consider the gravity of ongoing legal issues before casting their ballots.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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