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 March 17, 2024

Hidden message found in Meghan Markle's website as royal controversies continue

Meghan Markle's recent foray into entrepreneurship with the launch of American Riviera Orchard has captured attention, particularly for its timing, which coincided with an event attended by both Princes William and Harry.

The project, branded "by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex" on Instagram and marked with a founding date of 2024, features a striking gold crest adorned with intricate calligraphy across its social media platforms and website.

The design

The design of the crest seems to incorporate the initials A and R, hinting at a deliberate nod to the project's title, American Riviera.

This subtle messaging becomes all the more intriguing when juxtaposed with the timing of its unveiling. Meghan chose to reveal her lifestyle brand via an online video just before Prince William's scheduled appearance at the Diana Legacy Award event.

Even as William remained at the legacy event, the Sussexes made headlines again by announcing the recipient of their $100,000 NAACP – Archewell Foundation Digital Civil Rights Award.

Royal experts react

Royal experts, including commentator Richard Fitzwilliam, were quick to point out the calculated nature of the Sussexes' timing.

Fitzwilliam suggested that this strategic maneuvering reflects the couple's adeptness at orchestrating their public engagements for maximum impact.

This strategic precision is not new to the royal family, as past incidents, such as controversies over edited photos, have underscored the significance of managing public perception in royal activities.

The Legacy Awards and new show

The unfolding events at the Diana Legacy Awards, where Prince William delivered a poignant speech honoring his mother's legacy and celebrating the achievements of young changemakers, were momentarily overshadowed by the Sussexes' dual announcements.

Despite the significance of William's presence at the ceremony, the spotlight swiftly shifted to Meghan and Harry's latest endeavors. Fitzwilliam's critique of the timing suggests a deliberate choice rather than a mere coincidence, highlighting the Sussexes' strategic acumen in navigating their public image.

"'Meghan is starting to film her Netflix show in a few weeks’ time,' a source told the Daily Mail. Another said of the Instagram page's launch: 'The brand is meant to coincide with the launch of a new cookery show for Netflix,'" according to GB News.

This calculated approach not only underscores the ongoing dynamics within the royal family but also reflects the challenges of balancing personal aspirations with public expectations in the spotlight.

Written By:
Dillon Burroughs

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