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 November 9, 2023

Glenn Greenwald confirms that Trump leading in five key states means Americans don't believe in sham indictments

Author and journalist Glenn Greenwald believes it's an encouraging sign that former President Donald Trump is leading in the polls in five key states against President Joe Biden, Breitbart reported. Greenwald thinks it indicates Americans understand that the four indictments against Trump are machinations of corrupt institutions. 

The Intercept founder was a guest of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his X broadcast Sunday.  Carlson asked Greenwald about the polling and what he thinks will happen in the 2024 election.

Greenwald is hopeful for Trump's prospects. "I think the most amazing thing about this, Tucker, is that if any leading American political had gotten even near the possibility of an indictment ten years ago, the prospect of them running for high office would be instantly over," he said.

"And here you have Donald Trump, who's been indicted on felony charges in four different American jurisdictions… and not only has it not harmed him, it actually has helped in the polls for sure among Republican voters. His lead has expanded every time he’s indicted, but also among American independents and even groups that traditionally support Democrats almost reflexively, like black voters who … 22 percent of in this latest poll. We’ve seen similar polls saying they would vote for Trump over Biden – and 42 percent of Latinos," Greenwald pointed out.

He went on to assert that "Americans have really come to the conclusion that our leading institutions of authority are radically corrupted." Greenwald thinks people are waking up to the fact that the Department of Justice, establishment media, and the legal system have all become "aggressively politicized."

This claim is supported by the bump each indictment seems to add to Trump's polling lead, at least in Greenwald's assessment. Trump is "facing serious felony charges...and yet his lead is expanding over Joe Biden in part because people, I think, see the injustice of it, but also everybody can just look at Joe Biden and see that he is not a person capable of even managing his own life much less the country and that there’s no cure for that."

Carlson followed up by asking why, in Greenwald's assessment, the mainstream media is finally "highlighting Biden's weaknesses" rather than hiding them as usual. Greenwald believes it's intentional.

"I think what they’re trying to do is to put pressure on Democrats and say, ‘Look, this is serious now; it doesn’t look like you have any chance of winning’ in a last-ditch hope to try to convince Biden to step aside," Greenwald replied. He went on to point out that the media is "completely petrified" of Trump's reelection.

Biden is a hard sell to voters, considering he has gotten the U.S. involved in wars and ruined the economy. Meanwhile, voters know that Trump's economy was booming before the COVID-19 shutdowns, and they may look to him to fix things again.

"I know it’s taboo; we’re not supposed to ever say anything good about Trump, but the reality is, Tucker, and I think people are going to realize this more and more, is that Trump was the first American president in decades not to involve the United States in a new war. Whereas, here you have Joe Biden, seemingly there’s a new war popping up all the time," Greenwald said.

"He wants to involve the United States in everyone and send all of their money overseas for them. And at the same time, they remember that the economy was vibrant and good before COVID hit," the journalist pointed out.

Greenwald thinks reality will win the day. "You can’t lie to the American people about their own experiences, their lived experiences as the left likes to say, and I think as the next year approaches, people are going to start to think about and compare what their lives were like under Joe Biden, where there’s wars everywhere, and inflation and economic turmoil, what it was like during Donald Trump, and I think they are going to be increasingly immune to propaganda," Greenwald said.

"If I were a betting man, I think the odds look pretty good for Trump," Greenwald added. His argument seems quite compelling, which should scare Democrats.

The American people have largely figured out that the system is rigged against Trump, and his continued popularity is proof of that. However, whether that will translate into votes on Election Day in 2024 is still unknown.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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