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 November 5, 2022

Gavin Newsom admits that "Red Wave," is coming, blames Democrats for "messaging" problem

Gov. Gavin Newsom is raising alarm bells over the possibility of a "red wave" on Election Day, Breitbart reported. The California Democrat blamed a "messaging" problem for the party's woes without acknowledging the unmitigated disaster in the White House.

Next week's midterm elections are shaping up to be a problem for Democrats in places where they shouldn't be. Many races are now leaning Republican as the GOP picks up momentum in the last days of campaigning, The Hill reported.

Newsom was asked about this trend during a CBS News interview Tuesday and whether it worried him that the midterm elections might bring sweeping victory for Republicans. "Yeah. Of course it does," he said.

"Look, I can be the cheerleader. I'm also pragmatic," Newsom claimed. However, he did not explain how this pragmatism factored into his decision to run ads against Florida against GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis even though the two are not direct political rivals.

"You feel it. It's not just intellectualization based on polling," Newsom added.

"And it goes to my fundamental grievance with my damn party. We're getting crushed on narrative," Newsom claimed.

"We're going to have to do better in terms of getting on the offense and stop being on the damn defense," he added. Newsom ignored the fact that Democrats have to contend with President Joe Biden's actual policies and claimed the GOP was simply "winning the messaging war."

"It's remarkable Democrats have done as well as they've done under these circumstances," Newsom said. What's remarkable is that Democrats are so blind to the reasons their majority in the House of Representatives and tie-breaker vote in the Senate are now in jeopardy.

The most glaring problem for Democrats is that Biden has wrecked the nation in his short time as president. Americans are facing historic inflation and rising energy prices that rival the Jimmy Carter era while the party that created the problem tries to sell the public on the idea that they should be in charge.

Even the panelists at CNN, MSNBC, and NBC are saying out loud that Biden is damaging to the party and practically radioactive to some voters, Fox News reported. They've resorted to calling in former President Barack Obama to campaign in races where Biden won't be welcomed.

As far as messaging, Newsom is wrong that Republicans are better at the game. The problem for the left is that Americans know exactly what Democrats want to do -- abortion on demand, surgery for gender-confused children, and more of the same economic policies.

Newsom is right that the red wave is coming. However, he and his fellow Democrats are in denial about what has brought that on and, therefore won't know what hit them on Election Day.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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