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 July 7, 2023

Fox News's Charlie Hurt accuses President Biden of exploiting deaths of his first wife and children

Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt made the shocking claim that President Joe Biden had exploited the deaths of his first wife and his children to further his career.

The accusations against Biden came up during a broadcast of "The Five," where the panelists were discussing the Biden families refusal to acknowledge Hunter Biden's illegitimate daughter. The Biden family has gone to great lengths to hide Hunter's daughter and any mention of her is forbidden at the White House.

Hurt  noted, "His entire campaign in 2020 was about being empathetic, being decent, he was going to restore normalcy to Washington, and obviously he has failed on every front of that. When he talked about his family, people in Washington also knew that he was less of a family man and more just willing to exploit his family when it served to benefit him."

Hurt went on to claim that the President is "callous, heartless," and has a "willingness, to exploit."

Zero authenticity

President Biden has no doubt faced much tragedy, but he hasn't hesitated in exploiting that tragedy to further his own goals.

Back in 1972, President Biden was involved with a car crash that killed his first wife, Neilia Biden and his daughter Naomi.

Hurt pointed out, "He has exploited the biography of his first wife, who died 50 years ago, with his daughter. He, of course, has taken that story and twisted it around to talk about how the driver of the truck was somehow drunk, which is completely false."

President Biden set himself up as some sort of decent family man in comparison to former President Donald Trump's supposed barbarism.

In reality, it seems it was Trump who was the more decent and empathetic of the two candidates running for President in the 2020 election.

While Trump is far from perfect as a family man, he has seemingly done a much better job. President Biden has been content to exploit his family troubles while posing as something he very much is not.

Disgraceful conduct

President Biden's family troubles have been the focus of discussion thanks in large part to Hunter Biden and his many dodgy activities.

The Secret Service recently discovered cocaine at the White House which many suspect was left by Hunter Biden during one of his regular visits. The White House quickly tried to deny those accusations but there is little other explanation.

Hunter Biden's drug problems and Joe Biden's refusal to acknowledge his granddaughter are just a small part of the disgraceful conduct that has become commonplace at the White House.

It is time for Americans to stop buying the narrative that Joe Biden has been hard at work building for years.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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