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 February 16, 2024

Former Obama White House Doctor Ronny Jackson calls on President Biden to take cognitive test and settle debate once and for all

Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who served under both former President Barack Obama and former President Donald Trump, called on Joe Biden to do the right thing and take a cognitive test amid reports that Biden is refusing routine test.

Jackson, who has been a vocal critic of Biden's attempts to hide his physical and mental capabilities, sent his 5th letter to the President demanding he submit to a cognitive test following Special Counsel Robert Hur's report.

That report found that President Biden is elderly and feeble and his mental capabilities are seriously impaired which is something Republicans have been talking about for years.

Democrats have long been dismissive of those warnings about Biden's declining health but Hur's report blew that all up.

Now Biden is refusing to take cognitive tests and Jackson is once again demanding he submit to a test and prove that he is fit to lead the most powerful nation on Earth.

Not fit for service

Being the leader of the free world is a demanding job and it has aged much younger men dramatically.

Biden is 81-years-old and that makes him the oldest man to ever serve as President of the United States. He was already in a questionable state in 2019 when he was campaigning to be President but fast forward five years and he is truly going downhill.

Jackson stated that, "If you're not cognitively fit to stand trial or to answer accusations against you, you're obviously not cognitively fit to be the president, commander in chief, and our head of state."

The whole reason that Hur declined to press charges against Biden was because he believed that Biden was too feeble to stand trial.

Hur made it clear that Biden mishandled classified documents, the same crime that Donald Trump is currently battling in court.

Unlike Biden, Trump was more than fit enough to stand trial and of course as a Republican he is afforded no special consideration. Ignoring the clear double standard, Hur's report makes it clear that Biden has no business holding any kind of position.

Elder abuse

The Democrat Party's refusal to force Biden to step aside is tantamount to elder abuse.

Biden has made it clear he won't step aside on his own so it will take the Democrat Party committing to replacing him. There are other options out there, but removing Biden and doing the right thing will be admitting to defeat.

Biden should be enjoying retired life with his family, not endangering the nation because he doesn't know where he is or whats happening around him.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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